best apps for sales people android and ios

Trends like BYOD are encouraging employees to use their mobile devices for operational efficiency. Sales reps are also increasingly taking the help of technology to get more leads, close more deals, and manage the sales process seamlessly.

You must be already using Slack, LinkedIn, Google Maps, etc. in your sales routine. Apart from this, there are a bunch of mobile apps designed specifically for sales use cases. In this post, we present the best sales apps available on Android and iOS. These apps will help you work, collaborate, manage routes, and do more than you would have done without them!

1. LeadSquared

List of best sales apps- leadsquared crm app

LeadSquared Mobile CRM allows businesses to operate sales remotely. It is also a great aid for field sales teams. It smartly tackles the traveling salesman problem, allowing sales teams to schedule field operations and navigate meeting locations easily.

LeadSquared uses location service to find leads nearby. It can also alert sales reps if they have any task they need to complete in their vicinity. Other than this, LeadSquared Mobile CRM supports all the features you would expect from a CRM.

For instance, the app features a full suite of tools needed for B2B and B2C lead management. It helps track timelines and provides smart workflows and insights that update reps before an important meeting. A notable feature of the app is that it works effectively in offline mode too.

User Review:

“Serves the purpose this app is designed for. Have been using it for the last four years and have been able to absolutely close more deals than before. Team performance and productivity have been top-notch ever since they started using the LeadSquared app. Highly recommend it to whosoever wants to scale their sales. Huge shoutout to the LeadSquared team.”


Installs: 100,000+

Get it on: Android | iOS

2. Zendesk Sell

List of best sales apps- zendesk sell app

Zendesk Sell is a popular CRM solution that comes with a mobile app with the same name. It has a nice user interface, geolocation-based features, including the ability to verify a sales visit. Furthermore, it also allows teams to automate repetitive tasks and proactively identify opportunities.

Zendesk Sell focuses mainly on analytics and relationship management. Through dashboards, it allows users to keep an eye on the current state of the business. With the app, users can track interactions, view stored documents, get geolocation and directions. It has an in-built dialer to reach out to contacts easily.

User review:

“so far, this seems to be the best CRM app with email tracking for mobile devices. The desktop interface is pretty good as well… the notifications lag by about half an hour it seems. You can see how many times your email has been viewed but you cannot see at what time or who viewed it if you send a mass email. other than a few little things, it is a very good app.”  


Installs: 100,000+

Get it on: Android | iOS

3. Leadfeeder

List of best sales apps- leadfeeder app

If you are looking for a simple solution for lead generation, then Leadfeeder is the way to go. What’s more enticing is that Leadfeeder’s free tier shows you potential customers from the last seven days.

For small businesses, Leadfeeder is an effective way to understand the prospects they need to focus on. Using the app, users can manage marketing campaigns, nurture leads, segment leads and get reports on their current marketing strategies. Leadfeeder is available as a web app and does not need to be installed on your device.

User review:

“It is amazing to see exactly which companies are viewing your business from all over the world and which pages are viewed the most. The insights enable a more focused approach to targeting strategies.”


Get it on: Leadfeeder

4. Kaspr


Kaspr’s Chrome Extension is a sales prospecting tool that helps users get accurate phone numbers and email addresses while they browse for prospects on LinkedIn. Sales reps, recruiters and founders commonly use the tool to get reliable contact info.

Kaspr works by enriching data from the Chrome Extension or web app. You can send the data to your CRM and other sales apps. It’s free to use, and users can start adding prospects immediately with no lengthy onboarding process.

User review:

““Easy to use and highly valuable. Kaspr is an outstanding B2B contact provider. Their services are top-notch, providing accurate and reliable contact information for businesses. The web app is user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and find the contacts you need. With Kaspr, connecting with potential business partners has never been easier. Highly recommended!”


Installs: +100K

Get it on: Kaspr

5. Mailshake

List of best sales apps- mailshake app

Mailshake’s app is geared towards cold email outreach efforts and building websites. You can set up drip email campaigns, configure spam filters and use the lead catcher feature to track potential leads. It helps create mobile-optimized emails, A/B test campaigns, and more.

Mailshake comes with a bunch of nifty features that make it an effective sales app.

User review:

“Love! 💕 The Mailshake app and website make creating a beautifully designed and simple “link in bio” website to direct your visitors to your most important topics, links, etc. There are many customizable templates to choose from and a card feature that gives your website the ability to add a more personal touch by uniquely delivering multiple pages. Only 2.99 to remove their “ad” card. Would recommend it to users who have no coding knowledge, so easy!”


Installs: 1,000,000+

Get it on: Mailshake

6. Right Inbox

List of best sales apps- rightinbox app

While Right Inbox is not a sales app, it can help you manage sales effectively if you are using a Gmail inbox as your business email. It enhances Gmail by adding email templates, email tracking, and more. It also has email monitoring solutions, archiving and retention solutions, signature management, queue management, and more from the app itself.

User review:

“Great extension, only negative is too many pop-ups (and a limit on how many free per month)”


Installs: 12,298

Get it on: or Chrome Web Store

7. Vidyard

List of best sales apps- vidyard app

Videos are a crucial element in today’s sales and marketing efforts. Video content can help with providing tutorials, and demos of the product and even helping customers if they are stuck.

Vidyard allows brands to share personalized videos and share visual marketing collaterals. The primary function of Vidyard is creating and managing media elements, but it also comes with additional features that help in sales. These include ROI tracking, analytics, multi-channel distribution, branding customization, and more.

User review:

“Solid. Easy access to my videos and can record new ones to send to work contacts. Excellent notifications on who’s viewed and when.”


Installs: 10,000+

Get it on: Android | iOS

8. Vainu

vainu app

Vainu is a web app to generate more B2B leads. It provides access to its database containing potential business leadss. Those looking for new contacts can look up the data in Vainu. It helps discover new contacts, helps manage contacts, capture leads, and exchange information with other services. As a sales app, it also comes with prospecting tools.

User review:

“It helps us to identify the buying window and the contacting angle. The signals give us up-to-date information about the changes of our prospects. Also, when finding new prospects, we can import all the relevant business information to our CRM. This decreases manual work.”

Ville T

Get it on: Vainu

9. Zoho

List of best sales apps- zoho crm app

Zoho is a popular CRM solution that comes with a companion sales app. It allows you to work on your sales pipelines, manage campaigns, analyze, and track sales KPIs, get AI-assisted recommendations, and more. While you need to set up and implement Zoho from the browser, you can access all its features from the app.

User review:

“Absolutely great. The world of Zoho is fulfilling all wishes for any company’s software. And for a little price. Good to have a Zoho Partner when setting it up. We didn’t and it works too, but now we change many things. Could be easier when you take the time.”


Installs: 1,000,000+

Get it on: Android | iOS

10. Apptivo

List of best sales apps- apptivo app

Another feature-filled mobile CRM app is Apptivo. Apptivo integrates multiple services under a single umbrella. Like Zoho, you will need to set up Apptivo from a browser, particularly if it is for a large organization. However, the app allows you to work on every single module.

You get access to the entire CRM solution, project management features, e-signatures, and more. All these services are individually customizable. Moreover, depending on what you need, you can get just the modules you want.

User review:

“Great tool so far. Great customer service, and quick response by the internal support chat. Problems resolved at the same call. I am not a salesperson but can see the whole benefits of having many apps within the same tool. I use a lot of the work order tool, email, and more. The tool is very intuitive and extremely customizable with your preferences.”


Installs: 5,000+

Get it on: Android | iOS


List of best sales apps- app

According to the makers of, you do not need a CRM to run your business. touts itself as a lead management software that takes away the clutter and steep learning curve of CRMs.

It provides a simple app for action-based lead management that will help you convert more prospects into customers. has a highly customizable user interface. The app allows teams to get an overview of the pipeline, add the steps necessary to close the sale and see which prospects they need to focus on.

User review:

“Excellent Lead Management solution. Experienced increased sales productivity by focusing only on what matters while avoiding unnecessary input activity and noise. Easy navigation.”


Installs: 10,000+

Get it on: Android | iOS

12. Badger Maps

List of best sales apps- badger map app

Badger Maps is the perfect solution for sales reps who work outdoors, going from point A to B for selling products. It uses the location information to optimize the workflow for outdoor sales reps.

Badger Maps integrates your work schedule with Google Maps. So, the next time you have a canceled meeting, you can head over to the nearest prospect. It provides route planning, check-ins, customer data visualization, follow-ups, and more. You can even search the map for nearby prospects.

User review:

“Been in sales for a few years now and I must say great app, definitely worth it. Actually, manages to save some time and money with the route optimization. What really sets it apart is the data integration though. Combining my calendar, sales reports, and client list while planning my route really helps.”


Installs: 50,00+

Get it on: Android | iOS

13. Insightly

List of best sales apps- insightly app

At its core, Insightly is a CRM tool that provides lead routing, email automation, marketing management, and more. However, the app also provides a bunch of clever features that make it a great sales app.

It comes with business card scanning, access task lists or follow-up tasks, records voice memos and receives push notifications based on user-defined triggers.

User review:

“Great CRM app. Affordable but robust for small to medium orgs and companies. Modern interface. Easy to learn.”


Installs: 100,000+

Get it on: Android | iOS

14. Demandforce

List of best sales apps- demandforce app

Demandforce simplifies sales by enabling effortless communications. It helps small businesses build a better relationship with clients through personalized messaging, automated communications, appointment schedular, and more.

Demandforce is essentially a reputation management service that helps brands engage with customers better.

User review:

“I own a small dermatologist practice where my staff and I have been using the Demandforce portal site and desktop application for day-to-day tasks. This app has been specifically helpful to me as a business owner. I appreciate being able to quickly access information, like new and upcoming appointments, and texts from patients while I’m on my way to the office and not close to a computer.”


Installs: 500+

Get it on: Android | iOS

15. SalesRabbit

List of best sales apps- salesrabbit app

SalesRabbit is built for sales reps who go door-to-door looking for prospecting. Under the hood, SalesRabbit is a CRM solution that focuses on collaborative efforts. It helps manage sales teams and automate sales processes.

The service revolves around the sales app itself making it a mobile-first solution. You can get started from the app itself. Other CRM-related features include contact management, lead nurturing, customer segmentation, territory management, and more.

User review:

“I love the app because we can track all the stats for my team. The only gripe I have is that sometimes when you place a star and delete it, it does not delete from the leaderboard. Other than that, I am impressed with the technology and love how the IT team at my company can personalize the lead status buttons.”


Installs: 50,000+

Get it on: Android | iOS

16. Asana

List of best sales apps- asana app

While Asana is not purely a sales app, teams can use it to sell more efficiently. At its core, Asana is a task management app that organizes daily tasks into a single platform. It also adds a collaborative element into the mix, enabling the more efficient organization of tasks across teams. This brings CRM-like functionality without all the frills of a full-fledged solution.

For small teams just getting started with their business, Asana can help organize meetings, plan campaigns, provide reporting and analytics, and automate business processes.

User review:

“Asana is great! I really have been enjoying it. It definitely is a what you put in is what you get out kind of tool. So that is something to realize. You won’t see the value unless you are actually using it every day or for big projects. I think the free version is awesome! The widget sometimes takes a while to update what is in my task list which is a bit of a bummer. All around though it is a pretty great tool!”


Installs: 1,000,000+

Get it on: Android | iOS

17. Profit Story

List of best sales apps- profit story app

Your quotes don’t stay the same for every client. A lot of factors like profit margin and budget makes an impact on your quote.

Profit Story is a great tool to calculate your profit margins and a range of other profit-based metrics. You can calculate-

  • Profit margins
  • Markups
  • Recommended sell price
  • Recommended cost price
  • Break-even percentage
  • Volume lift

The app also adjusts other metrics automatically when any value changes. You can always know the impact of your quotes on business with Profit Story.

User review:

“Perfect for quickly calculating margins and break evens!”

Tensas Flash

Get it on: iOS

18. DocScan

List of best sales apps- docscan app

DocScan helps you scan documents like a pro using your smartphone or tablet. The app is completely free and saves the scanned images as JPG or PDF formats. You can also add lines and annotations before saving the documents. The scans are in high resolution so that you can send them to clients and colleagues confidently.

User review:

“My boss recommended I download this scanner app because I tend to need to scan numerous documents outside of an office setting. In general, I find it easy to use & quite effective.”


Download DocScan: iOS

19. DropBox

List of best sales apps- dropbox app

Sending and receiving large files can be a hassle. You simply end up getting “this file is too large to send” message and wonder what to do next.

Dropbox can be a suitable way to send and store large files not supported by your device. The cloud-based app stores all your files and lets you collaborate with your team. The standard plan allows 3 users per account, and there is also an enterprise plan.

User review:

“Much better than Microsoft Cloud. Probably the only drawback is the nag trying to get you to upgrade if you don’t have a lot of items to backup or a lot of photos you probably won’t need the upgrade.”

Jim DeVore

Installs: 2,171,561

Download Dropbox: Android | iOS

20. Time Buddy

List of best sales apps- timebuddy app

Time Buddy is the perfect app for traveling sales reps to conduct online meetings. You can schedule meetings in any time zone and have the time updated automatically for the participants. The app is also a handy world clock and time zone converter. You can also integrate the app with Google Calendar to help you sort and organize your meetings.

User review:

“Simply; a beautiful little App taking up hardly any storage volume. It is a must for those who need to know the time in different parts of the World.”

Nicolas Maione

Installs: 4,940+

Download Time Buddy: iOS | Android

21. Evernote

List of best sales apps- Evernote app

Salespeople often need to take down notes on the field. Maybe they need to jot down customer information, or details about some orders, or notes about a meeting.

Evernote is a handy app that lets you take notes, organize them, and share with your team. It’s a great app for collaboration and also allows you to edit documents, set reminders, and manage projects.

User review:

“Evernote is my main work planning apps. I can use it on several devices. It is easy to use and it has many templates to choose from.”

Jessie U.

Installs: 1,693,676+

Get it on: Android | iOS

Wrap Up

Salespeople can increase their productivity and save time using the apps we discussed. More apps are coming out each day, so keep yourself updated to take advantage of the latest apps.

What mobile sales app do you use for your business? And how did you come across it? Let us know!

You can also check out LeadSquared Mobile CRM. It’s a great sales app available on Android and iOS. Links below!

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