Service delivery is taking an organized shape, and technology is leading the digital revolution. Call centers are at the heart of this industry, employing over 15 million people around the globe. With such large numbers, it is not unusual that call center automation has become a priority.

Call centers constantly attempt to offer high-quality service by giving a solution to quick delivery, more personalized experience at an acceptable operational cost.

This digital dispensation that we are in, new digital innovations such as Field Force Management, CRM Software, and Online Admission System, are transforming the way we live our lives and the way we get jobs done.

Call Center Automation with Virtual Agents

Call Center Automation with Virtual Agents

Decision making is crucial in business, and this policy also influences automation. You have to consider which calls should be taken by human agents and which will be routed to virtual agents. Virtual agent automation helps reduce the time taken to solve a query, provide a solution, or to sell a service. During the decision-making process, factors including the sentiments of the customer’s request, its gravity, and its complexity must be considered.

Complex, urgent, and sensitive requests made by customers require human emotional intelligence and creative problem-solving skills. Nevertheless, for a more routine problem solution, inquiries, such as balance enquire, change of address, and payment of bills, virtual agents are ideal. This gives human agents more time to tackle more personalized problems and reduces the cost of maintaining human agents.

For example, it will be fitting to let a human agent provide a solution to a case of food poisoning reported by a customer instead of the chatbot. It is because a chatbot cannot empathize with the customer or give a tailored solution. This is where automation comes in, upon evaluating the urgency, sensitivity, and complexity of the customer’s request, it routes the call to a human agent.

Routine and repetitive calls that do not need extra intelligence or human creative problem solving such as FAQs, Claims management, Tariff options, balance inquiry should be routed to Virtual agents. Since these chatbots are pre-installed, they can handle these calls better and faster than humans. It enables you to provide precise solutions and make fewer mistakes. Waiting time can be the most trying time for a customer who needs a simple piece of information, so chatbots to the rescue as they reduce wait times and even higher productivity.

Why Companies Must Automate Call Centers?

Benefits of Call Center Automation

Call centers are often the central means of communication between a company and its customers. Call centers can also be regarded as the most crucial part of customer service, so it is vital that businesses and companies enhance, equip, and stay up-to-date with customer service trends. The digital transformation is growing even stronger, ranging from advanced customer experience management to the ability to personalize and coordinate end-to-end customer experience.

In 2019, companies and organizations are head locking on their customer experience; that is, a business brand is at the risk of losing customers to competitors if its customer experience is not impressive. However great your products and services are, if your customer service frontline is slow and frustrating, you are at the risk of losing your customer base, thereby causing more harm than good.

Provide Exceptional Customer Experience with Call Center Automation

Small and Medium-scale businesses can rank higher and convert even more by focusing on call centers. Call centers will give a cutting edge to your brand and company. Businesses that are focused on customer experience see about 1.9x return on the amount spent, 1.7x higher customer retention, 1.5x higher employee satisfaction, 1.9x higher average order value, 1.5x increase in brand awareness.

Bots can wade through a pile of information in a matter of seconds, can sort and record data even quicker. Bots safe keep information and can be trusted with scripts. Your shipping address, postal details, billing address, and phone number cannot be mistaken for another’s information. The bot runs your name through a geo-database and confirms your information. More importantly, bots do not complain, experience fatigue, get frustrated or offended. Leadsquared Call Center Automation will help you position your company’s customer service as the leading contender amidst your competition, putting your business right before your customers 24/7.

Robots cannot do what humans can, but their role cannot be swept under the carpet. They can help your firm think faster, listen carefully, take actions, and provide prompt replies that keep the discussion going. Imagine your clients having to travel 17 miles just to change the password of their mobile banking app. Bots, while solving a problem, can instantly process data. Also, the general cost of managing your customer-service frontline will significantly reduce. Computers cannot call in sick (except they need to be serviced), or take a break from work so using bots to enhance your customer-service keeps your services on the go.


Businesses are taking their front desk to the cloud, offering solutions within the twinkle of an eye. Solving problems using call centers have never been this better. By using call center automation for your business, you can connect seamlessly with your customers at a more reduced cost using stress-free strategies.

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