A bunch of interesting questions were asked by the attendees from the latest LeadSquared webinar on ‘How to Generate Leads with Facebook Ads’. Those of you who missed it, here’s an opportunity for you to look back at the proceedings of the webinar. You could also watch the webinar here.

Webinar FAQs and Tips

Question 1:

How can we create ads that show up on the login screen of Facebook?

 The log out ads on Facebook are a part of Premium ads that Facebook provides, and are not available in self-serve ad creator. It can be purchased using insertion order through a Facebook representative. However, they would make sense only for big brands, because the cost for those are speculated to be too high. Facebook doesn’t disclose the amount charged for this ad type, but buyers say that they cost around $100,000 per day.

Question 2:

How to create a Facebook conversion pixel, and how to actually embed them on your “Thank-you” page? What exactly does this pixel do?

Please go through this post to understand how to embed the conversion pixel on a Thank You page. To understand what it does, you can think of it as Google’s conversion tracking code. If you have it embedded on the post-form submission page, then the number of conversions are counted on Facebook (i.e. every time a form-fill happens, and the user is redirected to the post-form submission page, the conversion script is rendered, thus counting the conversion on Facebook). So, you would be able to measure the performance of your campaign in Facebook itself, by comparing the number of conversions against the number of ad clicks.

Question 3:

What are the advantages of Marketplace Ads vs. Sponsored Stories Ads? Does one cost more than the other?

Sponsored Stories ads look more attractive, and consequently are recorded to have a better click through rate and lower cost.

Question 4:

Can we compare our ads and bids for ads with our competitors?

The bid amount suggested by Facebook is based on the targeting and the competitors’ bids itself. So, when you are creating the ads, you would bid an amount comparative to your competitors. However, you would not be able to do a side-by-side comparison.

Question 5:

How can we decide our amount for per click for a certain ad?

Facebook suggests you the bid based on the competition and the targeting options chosen by you.

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