Business is about people and relationships. It is important to know how these people relate with other people because it will strive to increase awareness about your business. Growing businesses run into the same problem, and that is losing track of your leads and forgetting to follow-up. The funnel CRM or customer relationship management funnel is an instinctive and accommodative lead capture and CRM tool made to help freelancers and small businesses create and manage their leads, build up their customer base and boost their business.

A CRM funnel is a sales method used by business owners to track and interact with potential and current customers. Obviously, to build this funnel, you need good CRM software. This can help business owners to keep track of sales history, conversations, promotions and many more. This allows you to identify who is willing to buy your product and who is not really interested.

What is a CRM funnel

To build a CRM funnel, you need to first be familiar with what a sales funnel is and how you can use the same to interact with your sales CRM tool. It is the process of converting the leads that interact with your business into paying customers. It is also about maintaining relationships, after the sale, by continually providing value.

Like the shape of a funnel, a sales funnel will have most of the leads at the top and the number dwindles slowly as it reaches the bottom. You need to first understand how many potential stages you can build within the lead funnel. More importantly, determine what action or step the lead needs to take, in order to move to the next stage.

Once this is done, you can replicate your sales funnel within your CRM, thus building your CRM funnel. A smart CRM will then start automatically tracking your leads and their journey down each stage. Furthermore, it will even start nurturing and engaging with the leads, based on triggers and activities, to push them down the funnel quicker.

The Various Stages of a CRM Funnel


The sales funnel is a marketing tool used for the conversion of customers. Let’s discuss its stages;

The awareness stage

This is when awareness is created to draw in leads to your business. The lead comes to know about your product or service you offer.  The prospect may have a problem and be in need of a solution to the problem. Very common medium to draw leads over include social media, email marketing, offline and online paid campaigns.

The interest stage

In this stage, the lead expresses his interest in your product or your services by following you on social media and in your contact page. He might even willingly give you his contact details in return for something like a webinar or an ebook.

Decision stage

This stage is when the prospects make the decision of making use of your solution. They start to actively evaluate your product and your competitors. This is also when people from your business start to get in touch with the lead.

Action stage

This is the stage where the customer makes up his mind and finalizes his deal with you. He purchases your product and turns into a buyer. Or he could decide that you are not for him and go in a completely different direction.

sales funnel for managers

Benefits of using a CRM funnel

There are great benefits that come with using CRM funnel software. You can automate and speed up your closing process, contributing directly to your revenue. Let us take a look at some of the benefits of having a proper CRM funnel.

  • The CRM funnel system can help you to deliver your services with an understanding of the needs of the buyers in an improved manner. It helps you know the concern of your customers thereby building a foundation of utilizing the software to improve the interaction between you and your customers.
  • The CRM funnel system helps you understand your customers’ behavior; it makes you know the perfect time you can introduce a product to your customers. It helps you not to waste time dealing with nonprofitable customers, and it helps you to identify profitable ones thereby leading to optimized selling.
  • The CRM funnel system helps in boosting and increasing your sales. Using this CRM strategy can increase your sales significantly, with the information you have about your customers.

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