Did you know 24 well-spaced satellites are surrounding the earth that makes it possible to pick the geographic location of objects and people? It also means that you can identify the geo-location of your sales reps. All you need is to equip your sales reps with a mobile app that lets you do so.

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GPS tracking for sales reps means monitoring certain attributes of your field sales team. It could be their location, meeting notes, and distance traveled. Field activity tracking will help you better manage the sales reps. Also, you need not invest in a separate tracking software. I will tell you why.

Most of us have GPS enabled phones today. With very little investment in field sales app, you can create a connected and transparent field sales process. It also prevents hundreds of phone calls every day for status checks and reporting.

Mobile CRM - GPS Tracking

A culture of transparency

Tracking your field sales promotes a culture of transparency. There is no way your field sales team could misguide you about their locations, meetings, traveling, and follow-ups. It also ends the reimbursement discussions for good. You don’t need to question your reps every day because you have all the answers in front of you. Plus, you can monitor and mentor them to optimize their day. With real-time route guidance and intelligent cross-sell/upsell signals, you can help them move the deals forward.

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To start with, you need to find a GPS field tracker app that integrates with your CRM. Most of the CRM’s like LeadSquared already have an inbuilt field sales app.

Let me tell you how fleet managers can track sales reps with GPS CRM integration and improve sales performance.

Tracking sales performance

First and foremost, you will not need a sales performance app for tracking sales reps and their activities.

CRM with GPS tracking can do it for you. Equip your sales employees or agents with a Mobile CRM. It will let you:

  • Create automated day plans for your reps. For example, the app will show the number of meetings scheduled and targets for the day. It will also help them with route planning. 
  • Give automated meeting recommendations based on the agent’s location and by identifying leads nearby. Your sales reps can then drop in for a quick follow-up or meeting.
  • Track their calls and messages that they receive on their mobile device and analyze their overall productivity. Use their meeting history to know if they are close to their targets. 
  • Geo-fence the tasks of your field sales reps. Use sales team location tracking to prohibit your agents log their meetings from an incorrect area. It will reduce false meeting logs, ensuring you have accurate data – always.

GPS tracking matters

A GPS tracker gives you an overview of sales activities through actionable data, live tracking, and constant communication. It is a weapon of choice for large field sales teams to optimize and improve their sales performance. If you are looking for such an integrated and geo-intelligent field sales tracking app, you can try LeadSquared for free.


What is the best app for sales reps?

Mobile CRM is the best app for sales reps as it lets them check-in/check-out from the location of their work, provides route guidance, gives meeting reminders, sends upsell/cross-sell signals, and sends notifications for overdue tasks and new assignments on the go. 

How do you track outside sales reps?

Businesses that employ field agents for sales use mobile apps (e.g., mobile CRM) to manage their activities and track performance. The tracking involves check-in/check-out, reporting, meeting and call logs, tasks assigned vs. task completed, and geofencing or real-time location check (to prevent false meeting logs).