In any organization’s sales process, your leads and prospects are very important as they could become your potential customers. Keep in mind that these are the people who will voluntarily invest in your business. Hence it is important to not only acquire leads for your business but to also keep nurturing them. A good sales followup software can help you do just that.

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Did you know that a lot of salespeople give up after 2 calls? But, a study by Insidesales says that 50% of all sales happen after the 5th contact. This simple statistic should give you an idea of how important it is to keep following up.

Why your follow-up routine is not working

Now, although a number of company executives understand the importance of sales follow-up routines, not many of them know the best approach to effectively implementing it. This is why sales follow up activities and effort have not been very impressive for companies, from over the years.

The most prominent problem is probably creating an established framework for following up with leads. In many cases, the daily lead inflow might be too high and followups just get pushed until they are forgotten.

Most companies still use excels and other manual software to log in their followups. While this may seem to work in the beginning, eventually it will snowball and create a mess. Which is why you should consider investing in a sales followup software.

How sales follow- up software comes to the rescue

Considering the increasing use of e-channels for business and sales execution, the emphasis is fast shifting from the use of physical manpower follow up methods, to the use of electronically hosted roadmaps. The use of sales follow-up software is significantly apt because they have a number of innate qualities that meets your requirements for effective customer follow-up.

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The following are some of the ways in which the use of sales follow-up software, could significantly help your business and its customer retention:

Sales follow-up software helps your business collate lead data

Irrespective of whether you’re a huge or small scale product/service provider, there would be a need at some point, for a valid means of gathering information on your lead. Usually, this could be a whole lot of work for you, and you may end up not getting all the data that your business should have accumulated over time.

Besides these, sales follow-up software may be an easier and more secure means of sending the processed information to a central system- where it is utilized. For example, if you have something new in home loans, you can communicate the same to every lead that ever expressed interest in home loans.

A sales followup software is designed to gather information on every lead that comes their way. They store all of the lead’s sales activities such as website visits, forms fills, downloads, emails, phone calls, chats, etc. This means that for each followup, the sales agent is loaded with information on the lead and their interests.

They help you personalize your communication

Over 78% of consumers have said that they engage with brands only if they provide them with personalized offers. Imagine manually personalizing for hundreds of leads. Companies are aware of this setback, which is why they resort to generic communications.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Sales follow-up software is remarkable because they’re able to carry out customized interactions with your leads- addressing what they are interested in. Trying to do this by yourself, maybe a perfect example of what drudgery looks like in a business organization

Sales follow-up software are essentially automated modules

As I have mentioned before, imagine having to remember whom to call when and keeping a track of them with an excel or your little black book, perhaps. Not only is this prone to error, but chances are also that you may waste a lot of time.

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If you’re adopting a sales follow-up software for your business, you may set automation functions for certain tasks, to be performed at a specific time. For instance, even if you miss out on calling them, you can automate an email that will check in with the lead for you.

By this, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to reach out to your leads, as the sales follow-up software knows just what to do- based on your instruction.

Other benefits of the sales follow-up software

Now, there are a number of other ways in which your business could find sales follow-up software, useful. If you’re looking for a cost-effective and yet efficient way to continually market your company products before your leads, then the sales follow-up software would do just fine. This is because it removes the need for follow up marketing officers- or at least reduces the number that you necessarily should employ.

The software could also help you collect useful feedback from existing customers, and send them to your desk. Note that before choosing a sales follow-up software however, you need to decide on the things that you wish to achieve. This would help you determine what software is right for you since there are a number of products- with varying functions.

The days of using paper-based and other traditional processes to manage and evaluate the sales operations of your organization are far behind us. Thanks to digitization, today, we have sales tracking software with extensive analysis abilities that effectively handle sales management to ensure that organizations can track, evaluate, improve and maintain the performance of their sales team. Sales tracking has now become easier and more affordable than ever before thanks to these software tools.

Rather than watch your business pass you by with no idea of how productive or unproductive your sales process is, you can integrate these software solutions into your business to maximize your profits.

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