Businesses have integrated technology deep within their regular operations. So much so, that these tools help them achieve their goals and keep a check on their performance. The latter is probably a more aspect of a business. It helps business owners monitor improvements or downturns in sales, track the sales team’s performance and as well as monitor all sorts of sales and marketing indices. That’s why they prefer to own a sales team tracker.

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A team tracker is not only about stalking what your team does on a daily basis. Rather, it helps you to identify problems before they become hard to handle. This directly contributes to improved performance across the organization.

How a Sales Team Tracker can Benefit Your Business

Most of the time a sales team tracker is a part of a complete CRM suite. However, before you get one for your business, it is necessary for you to know how the tool can revolutionize your business.

1. Helps You Coach Your Team Better

Although the idea of using a sales team tracker paints the picture of a sales leader breathing down the necks of the sales reps, this isn’t the goal of a sales activity tracker. The goal of this software is to assist you to attain a better vantage point of the day-to-day activities of your reps including how they interact with customers, which will assist you to track their performance.

When you can track the performance of each rep, this will assist you to know how to coach them on specific a specific sales activity so they understand what needs to be done. Also, you can understand the strengths and weaknesses of each salesperson and assign tasks to them that they can handle efficiently; this helps to improve teamwork.

Obviously, being a better leader or “coach” will assist your team to achieve better, measurable results and thereby accelerate the growth of your brand.

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2. Keep Your Team Motivated

Healthy competition is something that needs to be encouraged within your organization. Not only does it keep your team on their toes, but also has a direct impact on their performance. One way to achieve the kind of competition is by giving extra incentives to salespersons who are not only constantly reaching their quota but even surpassing it.

The sales tracker will assist will not only help the sales track activities of sales reps but it also helps the sales rep track their own performance. They get a clear picture of areas that they need to improve on in order to reach or surpass their quotas.

Also, every organization needs to schedule regular meetings. This is another strategy that will help your team know what areas of their sales activity they need to improve on. The software helps you collect data on all sales activity which can be shown to the team so help them have a clearer picture. Giving feedback based on data will motivate them to work better towards their goals instead of just blind feedback.

3. Help Your Team Prioritize Tasks Better

Each and every one of your salespersons has a whole lot of tasks that they try to accomplish every day. This can be contacting new leads to following up on old leads/customers, to selling them on your products/services, to actually getting moving them down the sales funnel till the transactions are completed. It is easy for a salesperson to be overwhelmed by all these tasks.

With the assistance of the tracker, a sales leader can help the team understand the important tasks that they need to prioritize each day. This helps your agent to plan his day and time better.

4. Provides Real-time Sales Data

Imagine keeping your sales team working blindly, without having any concrete data backing them up? Not only will it be a mess, but it would also give them the impression that the process is unorganized.

However, regular data collection helps a business have a good picture of their growth and to keep track of what needs to be done to improve on their past performance.

A sales team tracker helps you do just that. Not only does it give you detailed reports on your team, but it also gives them real-time. This gives both the organization and the agent to identify how they are performing and what needs to change if any.

5. Integration with Mobile Technologies

Sometimes, sales leaders or business owners are on the go either for business or for other purposes. While they are out of the office they may need a way to keep a keen eye on all sales activity so that they are still able to ensure that things are running efficiently from their remote location. Some CRM software allows for integration with mobile devices like phone, laptops, and tablets, so that as long as an internet connection available sales team leaders can still track sales activity from whatever location they are.

Even beyond that, this feature comes in very handy for times when sales reps are out in the field they can send data and communicate efficiently with other reps and sales team leader.

Other Benefits of a Team Tracker

Besides the benefits as mentioned earlier, there are other advantages to subscribing to a CRM platform that offers the sales tracking feature. If you are a brand is the market for a CRM software there are other features other than the sales team tracking feature and they are;

•    It should be able to forecast revenue growth to help you track your progress and whether your brand will be able to achieve set goals.

•    It should have a sales automation feature; this will help assign sales activities to your team so that the sales proceeds smoothly while you focus on more important tasks and deals.

With the assistance of a good CRM software, your team will perform better and your business will be able to not only compete favorably but out-perform your competition.

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