Here’s the truth: people hate calling customer service. If given the choice, more than 91% of consumers would rather use self-service options than have to reach out to a real person.

zendesk integration

The initial sale isn’t the only time when customers reach out. They may continue to contact your business when they run into problems with your product or service, have questions, want to upgrade, or even cancel their service. Many times, the interactions are positive experiences for company and customer alike, but both sides also know that it’s not always sunshine and roses.

But in the event they do need to connect with you, companies who use Zendesk can now integrate these customer experiences with their LeadSquared CRM to keep track of every engagement.

What is Zendesk Integration?

Zendesk has brought a calm balance to handling customer service experiences, which is why more than 100,000 businesses are paying to use it (in addition to all of their free accounts). However, one of its biggest drawbacks for its users is that it operates as its own system. Unless there’s a direct connection between Zendesk and your CRM, you basically have two separate sets of data that make it difficult to track the entire customer journey.

Our Zendesk integration is designed to change this. Businesses need clarity into their customer relationships before, during, and after the sale. Having the entire help desk experience as a separate part of your business can be risky, as it doesn’t give you a holistic picture of your customer interactions.

But when you have all of your touchpoints in a single place, you gain a level of business zen you may have never thought possible.

How Zendesk + LeadSquared Give You Peace of Mind

Now that you know a little more about the Zendesk integration, let’s put it into context:

zendesk integration

Capture New Leads

Every time a lead or customer starts a support ticket, leads are automatically captured and added to your LeadSquared CRM. LeadSquared can then track every interaction between you and your customer to identify opportunities and ensure they’re properly served. Best of all, there’s no need to toggle between platforms to get a full picture of the customer experience. Everything is logged into the CRM so you can easily follow along the journey.

Understand Customer Issues

One of the most important things for companies to know is the issues your customers face when using your product or service. This allows you to make improvements in the future to build customer loyalty, lower costs, and boost your reputation. Studies have found that 86% of buyers are willing to pay more if it means getting a better experience.

Here’s the clincher: 80% of companies believe they understand their customers’ needs, but only 8% of customers agree.

It’s imperative for companies to do better in understanding the potential barriers that could prevent customers from doing business with you in the future. The Zendesk integration aids this initiative by giving companies clarity into why customers reach out to you. You can use this data to improve the way you operate and eliminate these challenges, or at the very least, mitigate their effects.

Optimize Your Support Team

You can’t be everywhere all the time, which is why you lean heavily on your customer support team to take care of customer issues. The Zendesk integration can give you greater transparency into their productivity and operations so you can identify ways to streamline processes, optimize performance, and maintain a high, consistent level of service to your customers.

Benefits of Integrating Zendesk with LeadSquared

Once you integrate Zendesk with LeadSquared, you should start seeing the effects almost immediately. Here are a few of the most common benefits our customers experience:

zendesk integration

Improve Customer Experience

You can’t improve what you’re not informed about, but Zendesk gives you greater transparency into the customer experience so you can make adjustments as opportunities arise. LeadSquared can help you identify exactly where you’re falling short, such as the time it takes to serve customers, the number of open or resolved tickets, and even agent performance so you can continue to put your best foot forward.

Stay on Top of Important Tasks

Toggling between two systems is a recipe for oversight, but LeadSquared helps keep all your important tasks front and center. Because data syncs between Zendesk and LeadSquared, you can stay on top of priorities without details getting lost in the shuffle.

Boost Your Reputation

When you’re able to provide a top-notch customer service experience, your reputation gets an automatic boost. Customers will remember your responsiveness, and studies show that 77% of customers will tell a family member or friend about their positive interactions.

Try Our Zendesk Integration Free!

Securing the sale is just the beginning of what you hope will be a long, prosperous relationship. However, the way you handle customer interactions after closing the deal can affect how long they remain a paying customer.

LeadSquared is a powerful CRM that includes a Zendesk integration and other integrations with some of the most highly sought after digital products and services. Try LeadSquared free for 15 days and see how it helps take the stress out of work!

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