Zendesk Integration – Capture Zendesk Activities of Your Customers

Capture all your customer activities, tickets and issues from Zendesk in LeadSquared

zendesk integration

Sync information between Zendesk and LeadSquared

zendesk integration

Capture new leads with Zendesk integration

When a new lead raises a support ticket, Zendesk Integration automatically captures them into LeadSquared automatically. All their present and future activities are visible to you in a single platform.

zendesk integration

View issues raised by your customers as an activity

Now view various issues raised by your customers and their other lead details on a single platform. Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between different platforms to check lead details and issues faced by them.

zendesk integration

Use data to live upto your customer’s expectation

Zendesk integration helps you understand the issues your customers face regularly. Improve upon these short comings and provide your customers with a better experience.

custom reports

Optimize your support team’s performance with custom reports

Check various reports on LeadSquared like number of solved tickets during a duration, individual support agent’s performance and use this data to optimize your performance.

Hassle free data transfer

Zendesk integration captures all issues raised by your customers and these issues are automatically reflected in LeadSquared as a lead activity.

zendesk integration

Improve your customer’s experience

The better your customer’s experience with you, more they will love you. LeadSquared will help you pinpoint where exactly are you falling short in your customer experience efforts through reports like average time taken, number of open and resolved tickets, agent performance etc along with other lead details giving your company a better look into lead’s experience.

zendesk integration - get lead details

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