The Indian youth are digitally savvy, often glued to social media, and have broad internet access that shapes their learning preferences.

But here’s a twist…..

The average human attention span has plummeted from 12 seconds a decade ago to just 8 seconds today. What does this mean for our education systems? It’s a call to action for educational institutions to overhaul their engagement methods to captivate and maintain this generation’s fleeting attention.

So, what’s the game plan?

The roundtable tackled these pressing topics. We dissected strategies on:

  • Kindling trust through student communication
  • Harnessing data for personalized student engagements
  • Leveraging online learning platforms for better student engagement 


Neeraj Deshpande

Account Director, Coursera

Dr. Santosh Kumar

Pro-President, Vivekananda Global University

Geo Ciril Podipara

Assistant Director, GITAM

Snehadeep Kayet

Assistant Director – Admissions, Krea University

Mehak Anoop Kaur

Assoicate Director- Admissions, Masters’ Union

Srinivas Shinde

Vice President- Education, LeadSquared

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