MyOperator Cloud Telephony Integration with CRM

Accelerate sales calling with LeadSquared CRM & MyOperator Call Management. Check leads and make sales calls directly through your CRM.

LeadSquared + MyOperator = One-stop Solution for all Your Sales Needs

Lead Management

  • Lead Tracking
  • Lead Qualification&Scoring
  • Duplicate Blocking
  • Zip Code Based Distribution
  • Performance-based Distribution
  • Distribution Capping

Sales Management

  • Smart Views for Sales Reps
  • Sales Tracking
  • Tasks Reminders & Follow-ups
  • Conversation Tracking
  • Role-based Access
  • Sales Performance Reports


  • Communication Automation
  • One-on-one Emails
  • Text Messages
  • Phone Call Tracking

Mobile CRM

  • Check-in/Check-out
  • Geo-tracking
  • Call Recording
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • Offline Functionality
  • Virtual Training

Improve sales and customer service with integrated Call Management & CRM

Easily manage your sales pipeline with Leadsquared and MyOperator. All calls that come to your Sales department through MyOperator are automatically captured as lead.

Capture inbound calls as leads

This integration can help you capture all phone calls and voicemails as leads within LeadSquared.

Enable calling in just a click

MyOperator Click to call enables you to make calls directly from Leadsquared CRM.

Pop-up notifications

Through live popup notification on incoming calls, reply instantly to your prospects.

Live call monitoring and reporting

Ensure call management and caller productivity through real-time call monitoring and reporting.

Simple Lead/activity creation

Reduce lead leakage and make calls directly from your CRM panel. The lead creation process is simpler than ever as it minimizes unnecessary to-and-fro between Excel Sheets and customer calling activities. Your sales and support team can now view it all in a single dashboard and focus on what they are best at.

Live popup notification for incoming calls

Say goodbye to “missed customer calls”. Get live popup notification on incoming calls on-the-go. The call is routed to the right agent or can be customized where you can add different fields in your LeadSquared account.

You can now easily attend the calls that prompts on your screen and ensure faster resolution rate. Track all inbound and outbound calls with lead activity stream and maintain transparency within your teams.

Incoming call popup
Unique Click to call feature

Unique Click to call feature

Simplify the entire outgoing call process with MyOperator click to call feature. The sales or customer service agents can quickly initiate customer calls directly from their browsers. All they need to do is click on the number prompted on web screen and the call will be placed automatically. This feature will eliminate the hassle of saving or copying a number for your agents to make a call.

Track team performance and improve productivity

Improve team efficiency by tracking your sales and customer service performance in real-time. Get important reports on caller demographics, peak calling hours, call volume, missed calls, lost calls, inbox subscription and so much more.

Call reports section on your online dashboard also provides you the flexibility to create and manage groups giving a clear picture about individual team’s performance. You can see your best performing team, and how accountable it is for picking up your calls.

Track team performance

MyOperator makes inbound and outbound call management super-easy!

MyOperator Integration FAQs

What is MyOperator Call Management?

MyOperator is India’s leading business call management system simplifying your inbound and outbound business calling initiatives. Get toll-free number, IVR services, virtual receptionist, and so much more to attend to your sales prospects and existing customers 24×7. MyOperator has delivered hassle-free and cost-effective call management to thousands of SMEs over the last 10 years of operations.

What are the business benefits of MyOperator Call Management and LeadSquared CRM integration?

MyOperator call management and LeadSquared CRM integration can ease your incoming and outgoing sales and customer service initiatives. Save your team’s time and ensure maximum sales success by maintaining your leads and related business calling activities, all in one place.

How can I integrate MyOperator with LeadSquared?

Via MyOperator: Select ‘LeadSquared’ in the dropdown menu and raise your request here and we will get back to set it up for you, and that’s it.

What if I face any issues after integration?

You can mail MyOperator team at and a support agent will be assigned to fix it at the earliest.