Business Transformation for Training Institutes Moving from offline to online processes

In this webinar, Amit Saha from Ace Engineering Academy will discuss the major business challenges during Covid, how they shifted their business from offline to online, and the role of Leadsquared in streaming their admission process. Agenda for the webinar:

  • Challenges with adapting to an online business process
  • How to ensure a seamless journey from inquiry to conversion via digital
  • How to check & improve the productivity of your counsellors while working from home
  • The best tools and strategies to get your business online
  • The future of training institutes


Murali Krishna
Director of Sales Operations, LeadSquared

Murali is the Director of Business Operations at LeadSquared. He has over 8 years of experience in sales and has led several teams during this time. Prior to LeadSquared, he was a Relationship Manager at HDFC Bank, where he mastered the sales process & pipeline of financial institutions. Of late, he has been extensively working with the education sector, helping schools, colleges, universities, and EdTech businesses, fill more seats faster!

Amit Saha

General Manager, Ace Engineering Academy

Amit has over 21+ years of experience in heading national brands in the education industry. He has transformed the vision of various training institutes into reality by his proactive entrepreneurship skills. At Ace engineering academy, Amit heads 6 branches across North, South, and East India. He’s a sales pro with a record of increasing sales by 2X in his previous organization.

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