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20 Crucial Call Center KPIs [Formulas, Benchmarks, and Examples]

The success or failure of a call center – or any business with a customer service or sales team – largely hinges on the performance of their agents. Employees who place and handle calls from customers are a company’s face, the people who are responsible for giving positive first impressions, handling complaints in a professional...

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How to Create Your First Customer Profile [Checklist, Template, and Examples]

Now it’s personal. The relationship between a brand and a customer is no longer only professional or transactional; it has become personal. Every person representing the brand must know the customers, their likes, dislikes, and pain points, inside out. It goes beyond a sales rep hiding behind the curtain and observing their buying patterns. It...

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22 Best Sales Books that Should be on Your Reading List

“Books are a uniquely portable magic”, says Stephen King in “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft”. A good book educates, enlightens, and leaves you feeling a tad bit wiser. Some even consider them the best mentors because you can keep coming back to their learnings. Although your days may be hectic, and full of...

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Customer Engagement in Insurance: 8 Critical Touchpoints

The Rolodex years are over. As you know, the digital era has ushered in the age of buying insurance policies online. Some people may never speak to insurance agents or even come to know them. Still, as an agent, it’s important to create numerous touchpoints with your clients—even if they’re entirely, or mostly, digital. Yes,...

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