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    EdTech Gurukool: Super-charge EdTech Sales in 2023

    Despite the turn of recent events, the EdTech sector is still seeing new players enter the market. This year, we’ve had plenty of business learnings – whether it is the recalculation of profit margins or introducing upskilling courses in AI-ML and data science. One prominent learning has been that hybrid and e-learning courses are here […]

    The Akash BYJU’S Approach to Growing Your EdTech Business 

    How does one differentiate themselves from the plethora of companies offering e-learning courses and develop a qualified sales pipeline? Learn from the experts.  Nitin Golani, Business Head, Akash BYJU’S  Prashant Singh, COO, LeadSquared  In this webinar, we’ll talk about a few practical tactics for creating a steady stream of leads for online learning businesses as […]

    EdTech in Africa: Democratizing education through technology

    Mr. Sharaf Muhammed, senior vice president of operations of uLesson, shares his journey on creating an amazing EdTech platform.    Speakers: Mr. Sharaf Muhammed, senior vice president of operations, uLesson  Mr. Sridhar Sampat, vice president of partnerships and business development, LeadSquared  About 40% of the entire population of the African continent is below 15 years of […]

    How to Reduce Edtech Customer Acquisition Cost and Improve Sales Performance

    Online education technology has undergone a paradigm leap since 2021, and this trend is expected to continue. In this webinar, industry professionals:  Rahul Maheshwari, EdTech Marketing Expert  Annum Sadiq, Co-Founder, Edkasa  Raj Parmar, Team Lead-SMB Sales, LeadSquared  Will go in-depth into market trends, practical tactics for improving sales performance, and the future of EdTech.  What […]

    [Webinar] Scaling an EdTech Business in a Competitive Market

    Indian EdTechs raised over $1.4bn across 100 deals in 2020. The segment is projected to have a CAGR of 40% by 2025. In such a hyper-competitive and price-sensitive market, it is important for businesses to carve their niche. In this webinar, we bring forth the story of a start-up that has found a way to […]

    [Webinar] Gaining a Microscopic View into the Admission Funnel

    With the admission session knocking on the door, educational institutions are on the lookout for a tool that helps them gain data-driven insights into their admission operations. In this webinar, Rakesh Kumar, Head, Marketing & Admissions, will cover the best ways to gain a microscopic view into the enrollment funnel and student application/post-application process. We […]

Case studies

    How Indonesia’s Fastest Growing EdTech Drove Sales Through Efficient Processes

    We spoke with Marc Irawan, COO, CoLearn to understand the EdTech process and revenue-level improvements after implementing LeadSquared across teams.

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    AdmitKard Improves Scalability & Structures Operations Through LeadSquared Automation Platform

    Read how AdmitKard increased 2X in revenue & improved operational efficiency after implementing LeadSquared.

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    LearnBay teams operate synchronously on LeadSquared to improve productivity by 120%

    Read how LearnBay improved team efficiency by 120% and implemented LeadSquared for teams to work in sync across functions

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    Learn how ITLH Transitioned into a Full-stack Edtech with LeadSquared

    Read how ITLH digitized their lead management to navigate changing industry trends and keep up with growing customer expectations.

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    Stride Ahead knows what a prospect needs, even before the first discovery call. Here’s how:

    Learn how Stride Ahead were able to undertake personalized, data driven sales with LeadSquared.

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    Kafqa Academy Ensures Zero Lead Leakage with LeadSquared

    Kafqa Academy leveraged automated lead management to reduce human error and standardize operations to increase sales efficiency

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