lessons from toppr webinar scaling sales

The EdTech market has seen phenomenal growth in the last year, anticipating an opportunity of $10.4 Bn by 2025. Fundings for EdTech startups have also increased 4X to $1.7 Bn since 2019. With so much competition, what’s your EdTech selling strategy?

Rohitashwa Choudhary, SVP, School OS, Toppr, and Sudipta Mukherjee, VP, Sales, LeadSquared discuss how the sales process changed for them, new sales and marketing initiatives, and strategies to win the market.

​Discussion Points:

  1. The current state of EdTech sales, post-Covid
  2. Brand building & marketing in EdTech 
  3. Most effective ways to streamline sales processes and key metrics to track
  4. Identifying and scaling sales in new markets and opportunities    
  5. Building and setting up teams for success     
  6. Technological advancements in delivering sales effectiveness for EdTech startups


Rohitashwa Choudhary ​- Toppr

Rohitashwa Choudhary ​
SVP – School OS, Toppr

Rohitashwa Choudhary is a graduate from IIT Bombay, and has worked across the FMCG and education sector over the last 13 years. In his recent seven years at Toppr, he has headed multiple functions such as sales and operations with a key focus on revenue, growth, and profitability. An entrepreneur at heart, Rohitashwa loves to bring new ideas to life and shape those ideas into profitable business verticals. He is currently working on Toppr School OS, where his team has helped 250+ schools in re-imagining how technology can be implemented in classrooms.

Sudipta Mukherjee - LeadSquared

Sudipta Mukherjee
VP – Sales, LeadSquared

Sudipta is a business leader with global experience and network. He is a sales and business development professional skilled in large enterprise deals, networking, negotiation, consultative sales leadership, inside sales, business planning, and relationship management. His business focus includes market data, information, news, SaaS, data & analytics, IoT, and Inside Sales As A Service (ISaaS). Prior to LeadSquared, Sudipta was a part of the leadership team at the American Association of Inside Sales Professional (AA-ISP), a not-for-profit association with a mission to support inside sales professionals globally.

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