Ed-Tech Sales Success Enhancing Efficiency for Higher ROI

In this webinar, Gradeup and LeadSquared will come together to discuss the sales strategy for EdTech at this time, and how to accelerate sales. Agenda for the webinar:

  • Defining the EdTech sales process
  • Monitoring the journey from a lead to customer
  • The right tools to sell more to your customers
  • Why COVID-19 presents challenges and opportunities for EdTech sales
  • The future of EdTech


Vibhu Bhushan
Co-Founder & CPO, Gradeup

Vibhu is a seasoned professional with 11+ years of experience in the Tech Business. He heads product and growth at Gradeup, which is one of the largest Ed-Tech companies in India. Gradeup provides students a platform to prepare for various competitive exams and score better. He is a dynamic leader with the ability to drive change through effective delegation and teamwork.

Nilesh Patel
Co-Founder & CEO, LeadSquared

Nilesh is the CEO of LeadSquared, a sales execution platform. He is focused on helping businesses in high velocity, high volume sales to improve their sales execution and increase sales efficiencies. He is on a mission to build LeadSquared as the software partner of choice for sales execution for businesses. Previously, Nilesh was the founder of Proteans, a recognized leader in the software product development services space.

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