How CoLearn, Indonesia’s Fastest Growing EdTech, Drove Sales Efficiency

Marc Irawan

Every time we pivoted, LeadSquared has helped us introduce and implement those changes seamlessly. The platform not only enables a business to grow but supports the pace at which a business grows.

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Lead Leakage

4 million

Student Sign-ups


Growth in Sales Team


Opportunity Management

With LeadSquared they’ve achieved:

  • Reduced turnaround times 
  • Higher lead to conversion ratios 
  • More productive sales teams
  • Increased revenues 

Lead Leakage

4 million

Student Sign-ups


Growth in Sales Team


Opportunity Management

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About CoLearn

Indonesia has over 50 million K12 students and over 3 million post K12 students. This makes it the brewing pot for EdTechs to target growth and expansion. Government spending in the education sector is a little under 4% which makes it more challenging to find quality trainers. 

This is the gap that CoLearn aims to cover – quality trainers and quality content. They’ve empowered over 4 million students and have expanded to 34 provinces in the country. The best part – they’ve just started their journey. 

Helping them achieve their vision is LeadSquared. Their partnership with LeadSquared has helped them streamline their sales process. Right from making the initial contact to parents or children, booking their demo classes, to making the last sale. 

Because CoLearn has been growing at an exponential pace, it was important for them to cut down on their manual processes. These processes included collecting leads from various sources – social media, third-party vendors, ads. They also needed an efficient system to manage and distribute leads.

Challenges faced by CoLearn

While they were handling the leads through manual processes, the challenges they faced were – 

  • Higher turn-around times 
  • Lead leakage and duplication 
  • Missed follow-ups and opportunities 
  • Lack of managing call centre conversation 
  • Inability to view overall metrics 

To overcome these challenges, they implemented LeadSquared’s end-to-end sales execution solution. Let us look at how we helped them implement efficient sales processes: 

We were scaling rapidly and our processes were also changing as we pivoted. We needed a platform that could help us build a growth process that could adapt with changing business needs

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LeadSquared’s Solution 

Capturing Leads Across all Channels

Since Colearn generated leads from multiple channels, LeadSquared’s multi-channel lead capture helped them bring all those under a single database. Whether the lead comes from social media or ads or on their app or website, they get captured with 0 lead leakage. 

Each activity or action taken by the lead gets captured on LeadSquared through automations and APIs. For example, if a lead books a demo class on their app – a lead is created on LeadSquared and the activity gets captured. 

Automations helped us cut 70% of manual processes for our sales team. They can focus on building conversations with prospective students while the repetitive tasks happen in the backend”

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Once the lead is created, it gets automatically distributed to the sales team based on a pre-defined logic. For example, there are 2 leads – Lead A and Lead B. Lead A attends the demo for a period of 50 minutes while Lead B attends the demo for 15 minutes. Lead A has shown higher intent and is more qualified as compared to Lead B. Hence, it will get distributed to a more efficient sales rep who can close the sale faster.

Similarly, if a lead requires more nurture, it can be distributed via automation to consume more helpful content.

With the help of LeadSquared, CoLearn could distribute leads based on –

  • Demo class attended time span
  • Language
  • Course interests
  • Lead stage

Through this they could ensure reduced TAT and lesser missed follow-ups. And this did positively impact their conversion rates.

Call Center Integration

CoLearn’s sales process involved a telecalling team that follows up on the leads that attend the demo class. With LeadSquared’s ability to integrate with multiple telephony systems, it was easier for them to follow up with leads through a softphone.

Once the lead was distributed, LeadSquared automation helped them –

  • Connecting with leads (either parent or the student)
  • Create follow up tasks
  • Maintain a record of the conversation through easy notes
  • Tracking the lead’s activities on their apps

Tracking Student Journey

Each activity done by the lead on their app was captured on LeadSquared. This provided valuable information to the telecalling team to personalize their conversations with each lead.

LeadSquared captured information like –

  • Product interests
  • Content consumed
  • Demo booking
  • Duration of demo attended

Because of these hyper-personalized conversations, it was easier for the sales team to pitch the right products and convert the lead.

Mobile CRM

CoLearn has recently introduced a new field sales team that interacts with the leads on-site. With LeadSquared’s mobile CRM, the team can take notes, create activities and tasks, convert leads on the go. 

The mobile CRM enables the team to:

  • Check-in/out remotely 
  • Plan their day efficiently 
  • Geo-fence the field agent tasks 
  • Log notes post meetings 

With this level of flexibility, it was easier for the company to take informed business and sales decisions. 

Multi-channel Communication

The leads were approached by the sales team through multiple channels – emails, calls, WhatsApp, etc. With automation set around calling and email, CoLearn also uses a WhatsApp connector – Converse. This enabled the sales team to communicate through WhatsApp as well in real-time. 

Earlier, it wasn’t possible for the sales team to communicate with the lead in real-time. They used to send pre-approved templates through the WhatsApp for Business connector and then the conversation was continued through a different channel. 

After Converse, if a lead posted a query through WhatsApp, the sales team can continue the conversation on the same channel. 

Key Results

Every time we pivoted, LeadSquared has helped us introduce and implement those changes seamlessly. The platform not only enables a business to grow but supports the pace at which a business grows

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Since its inception in 2020, the CoLearn has added around $14mn in funding. Their growth trajectory has been a steep curve. With the help of LeadSquared, they have been able to introduce more efficient sales processes across various teams. 

Right from capturing leads across sources, to managing telephone and WhatsApp conversations – the company has been able to empower their telecalling, marketing, field sales teams. 

With LeadSquared they’ve achieved:

  • Reduced turnaround times 
  • Higher lead to conversion ratios 
  • Increased revenues 
  • More productive sales teams