Flinto improves their Sales Conversion Rate using LeadSquared

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LeadSquared has helped us with:
  • Lead Capture, Distribution, Segregation + Engagement
  • Improved Sales Efficiency
  • Sales Monitoring, Including Geo-tracking
  • Complete Process Automation
  • Building Intelligent Customer Journeys
  • Outstanding Support

Flinto is a unique startup making early child development fun and engaging through its subscription-based products: both physical and digital.

Headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, it provides theme-based activity boxes for 2-16-year-olds (on a monthly subscription model). The creative activity boxes are conceptualized by educators, prototyped by designers, and manufactured by top-of-the-line printers. The toys, shipped in a box to customers every month, have “something to create, something to read, something to play and something to explore,” with a bonus fun activity thrown in.


Boxes are themed around topics like wildlife, vegetables, colouring, outer space, numbers and more – all aimed at 12 key development needs in children. The activities can be used more than once and sometimes it is good enough to engage more than one child.


From HubSpot to LeadSquared

The team at Flinto had a goal to embrace the process and make it more efficient.

“We were using HubSpot completely. It was clear to us that we needed a platform to help us improve our sales conversion rate and achieve results quickly. When we evaluated LeadSquared, we knew it was a more holistic solution.”

The fact the LeadSquared provides a single dashboard for all solutions – a combination of sales CRM, Marketing and Field force Automation – was another big factor in its favour.

“LeadSquared is easier to use, which was important because we wanted to run our process efficiently and quickly, and the support on offer was outstanding. My team could get one point of access, for both technical and methodology-related help.”


Features that are important to Flinto

Flinto has incorporated LeadSquared in all their processes. They use LeadSquared for lead capture, lead segregation and distribution, lead engagement and sales monitoring.


1. Improving the Sales Team’s Efficiency:

Flinto uses LeadSquared to optimize their sales process, and efficiently engage with its vast number of subscribers and contacts. They have successfully reduced their response time by automating lead capture and distribution. LeadSquared integrates with their internal telephony to ensure their salespeople never miss a follow-up.

Criteria Based Lead Distribution

Lead Duplication was a major issue for our organization since salespeople were previously using Google and shared excel sheets to make calls. With LeadSquared, our sales reps need not put extra effort to convert two seemingly promising leads that are actually the same person. Lead Leakage was another big challenge that is now under control.


2. Tracking & Managing the Field Sales Team:

They use LeadSquared for sales activity monitoring using the geotagging feature. They know how their agents have performed in terms of tasks completed, meetings done, calls made, and more.

“Our field sales reps have a complete view of their daily sales routes. I can easily view the number of meetings done, the distance travelled, check-in details and the quality of the meetings.”


3. Detailed Reports:

Timely and detailed reports help them keep abreast of the success of their sales processes. In short, they can figure out which product is making more progress and in which geography. This way we can keep a track of what is working and what is not.

Improve Sales Conversion Rate With Call Centre Report Tracking

“For our offline process, LeadSquared helps us monitor multiple metrics. For instance: number of calls answered/unanswered, call duration, change in lead stage and overdue/pending tasks. With complete process automation, our per-day sales conversion rate has increased tremendously. The sales reps can now focus only on what is important to them. The automations are very easy to configure and have saved us a lot of time.”


Measuring results with LeadSquared

“LeadSquared has helped us create a culture where people think about the customer journey, from the awareness stage to the final conversion. Everyone is accountable and nothing slips through the cracks.”

Today, the company has a full-time staff member dedicated to all things LeadSquared, and is continually discovering new ways that the company can leverage the software.

“I’m going to step into the fourth year of using LeadSquared. It’s been a great journey. I have never thought of moving to any other CRM. The support team has always been there and has helped us through every issue that we’ve had. Service speaks for LeadSquared.”


In conclusion

Flinto has been using LeadSquared for a few months now, and the sales conversion rate has improved significantly. Changes in other metrics have started to show as well.

“There are multiple features in LeadSquared that we are still keenly looking at to include in our system. In the beginning, it was all about applying best practices, and the LeadSquared team held our hand through that. Now, they are helping us really explore everything we can achieve with the platform.”