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Recorded Webinars

    Grow Like A Pro: Sales Lessons from FinTech Leaders

    Learn from top fintech leaders about how you can optimise costs and scale your sales process efficiently.

    Leading Voices: Ways to Scale FinTech Revenue in 2023

    Constant headwinds from the economic and geopolitical changes have created a challenging market ahead for businesses everywhere. Hence, it is essential to know how to augment your business operations for maximum sales efficiency and growth. In such times, it helps to know what industry leaders are up to and learn from their actions. So, on 17th Feb, […]

    Tips to Run Your Financial Services Sales On Autopilot

    Many businesses in the financial sector, are still where they were last year – struggling to automate their sales & marketing processes. And with the holidays right around the corner, low agent productivity (for obvious reasons) and negligible customer response (because they are all planning their vacations), can make it even more difficult for our businesses. So, we are here with a special […]

    Lessons From Motilal Oswal: A Winning Phygital Transformation Story

    Dubbed the best local brokerage in India for 2021, Motilal Oswal is a fast-scaling securities brand that is changing the way people invest in the retail stock market. In this webinar, we sat down with Mr. Vikram Gosar, Senior Vice President – Digital Transformation at MOSL, to discover how they built a successful phygital customer […]

    The Digital Age of Stockbroking: How Stockbrokers are Redefining Trading for Millennials

    Digitization has radically shaped the Indian financial markets, including stockbroking. While traditional or full-service brokers have always enjoyed a dominant presence and preference among investors, a demographic shift towards technology has given rise to discount brokers. ​In this roundtable, we will discuss how the adoption of different, innovative technologies will redefine the core of the […]

    [Fintech Week Episode 2] Scaling Crypto Businesses Faster in 2023

    Globally, cryptocurrencies and NFTs have taken the financial landscape by storm. Spanning across borders, Crypto platforms today are hosting more users than some of the biggest Indian securities firms. The demand is growing, regulations are uncertain, and the competition is evolving.  In the second episode of the LeadSquared Virtual Fintech Week, we will explore the emerging trends, challenges, and strategies […]

Case studies

    Amazon Pay Streamlines Merchant Onboarding Operations Using LeadSquared

    Learn how Amazon Pay optimized their merchant onboarding operations, improved agent productivity and built a unified inventory management experience.

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    Angel One Increases its RM Productivity by 10x using LeadSquared

    LeadSquared enables Angel One to mitigate challenges with capturing trading inquiries and lead distribution.

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