Conversational CX

An engaging customer experience is everything today. Irrespective of how diverse products and solutions are, customer experience is a key differentiating factor to stand out amongst competitors. Faster response time, consistent CX across channels, hyper-personalization at customer touchpoints, and other such factors contribute towards creating a holistic customer experience!

Key Discussion Points:

  • The role of tech in enabling context and conversions for agents to pick up where they left off with customers
  • The need for multi-channel customer engagement
  • The ability to ensure completed customer journeys with frictionless processes
  • Why being data-driven is a non-negotiable and how it propels conversational CX
  • Ways in which agents can be empowered with technology solutions in this context


Ram Pradeep Kumar

Ram Pradeep Kumar P
Associate Director – Product Solutions, Ozonetel

Vineet Tiwari

Vineet Tiwari
AVP – South Sales, LeadSquared

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