Maximizing Student Conversion

Here is why it is important for educational institutions to respond to students quickly and to send personalized messaging – it increases their chances to convert students by 47%.

We asked a few of our fellow counsellors and admission teams on the impact of omnichannel communication on conversions. Here’s what they shared –

  • Segmentation helped them improve revenue by 760%
  • They saw 60% more clicks on mobile-friendly emails
  • Calling their student inquiries under 10 minutes improved chances of conversions by 5x​

For this session, we have partnered with MyOperator, a leading cloud communication system to understand how various channels improve student conversions

Key Discussion Points:

  • Building an easy and approachable process for student applications
  • Activating mutliple channels: cost and human resource implications of the services
  • Qualitative impacts of tracking communication channels
  • Role of technology in building an omnichannel process of communication


Shivam Dixit

Shivam Dixit
Director – Enterprise Business, MyOperator

Murali Krishna

Murali Krishna
Vice President – Sales, LeadSquared

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