Many businesses in the financial sector, are still where they were last year – struggling to automate their sales & marketing processes.

And with the holidays right around the corner, low agent productivity (for obvious reasons) and negligible customer response (because they are all planning their vacations), can make it even more difficult for our businesses.

So, we are here with a special holiday edition where experts from the industry have shared what worked for them in 2022, their plans for 2023, and a few ideas on how we can run our sales and marketing processes on autopilot during the holidays.  

Key Discussion Points:

  • The learnings from 2022 and trends shaping the market in 2023
  • Ensuring a healthy sales pipeline for Q1 of 2023
  • Know what your bosses are up to before they set off for the holidays
  • Automating sales & marketing processes so you don’t miss out!


Rob Joseph

Rob Joseph
Founder, Coinguide & MySMSF

Aditya Mohan Sharma

Aditya Sharma
SMB Business Head – Oceania, LeadSquared

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