Grow Like A Pro Sales Lessons from FinTech Leaders

The world of FinTech is constantly evolving, with new companies and technologies emerging every day. Achieving growth requires balancing cost optimization, sustainable scalability, and exponential results. 

Knowing what the other sales leaders are doing in the market can help you hit these goals effortlessly, enhance customer experience, and beat the competition. 

Learn how you can grow like a pro and optimize costs simultaneously.

Key Discussion Points:

  • A quick review of 2022 and trends to foresee in 2023
  • Biggest obstacles for growth-stage startups today
  • How to design your sales process for cost optimization and to scale proficiently
  • Does your team’s sales growth agree with your sales goals
  • What milestones are essential for FinTech leaders of tomorrow


RN Murthy

RN Murthy
Chief Sales Officer, Axio

Abhishek Sharma

Abhishek Sharma
Head of Sales, Karza Technologies

Vineet Tiwari

Vineet Tiwari
AVP- Sales, LeadSquared

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