how to find the best insurance leads

Selling insurance in India is one of the most competitive careers, but those who do it well agree it’s also one of the most lucrative. Insurance is one of the best products you can sell because virtually everyone needs it in some form at some point in their lives. But collecting insurance leads is not so easy.

Your potential customer base is literally anyone you talk to, giving you an excellent opportunity to grow your sales by growing your networking and lead gen skills.

But, instead of just approaching any random person and asking them to buy insurance, it is important to figure out who is actually in need of it. For example, someone has recently purchased a car, they probably would want to insure it.

5 Ways to Attract Insurance Leads

Here’s how you can find the best insurance leads in India and come out ahead of your competitors:

Focus on niche-specific audiences

Even though essentially everyone in India is your target market, it helps to cast your net deeper rather than wider. Focus on niche-specific audiences, such as car dealers, mortgage lenders, and banks, and local businesses to tailor your efforts.

For example, building strong relationships with car dealers will help you connect with people who buy cars and need to insure them. Working with banks or lenders will give them someone to refer when home buyers need general insurance or property insurance. Try to corner a unique market so that anyone in that market knows exactly who to turn to for insurance.

Insurance leads - infographic

Grow your professional network

Your network = your net worth.

This is one of the most valuable statements in the insurance business, as you’ll need to rely on others to help you spread the word about your services. And the larger your network grows, the more chances you have of earning their referrals.

One of the most effective ways to do this is to position yourself as the industry expert in your area. Hold a local seminar that gives valuable information to attendees. Share resources with the community and build your image around the value you offer, not just the products you sell.

Leverage digital media and marketing

One of the biggest favors you can do for yourself is to grow and maintain a strong online presence. Though much of your day-to-day business takes place in the physical world, your clients will likely scope you out online first.

They’ll look at things like your website, blog, or what others are saying about you before deciding to do business with you. And, whether you like it or not, you’re likely already part of the online conversation, so it’s best to monitor it and take control so that you’re presenting the image you want.

In the insurance business, prospective clients will likely find you via an online search and compare you to other insurers. In response, you’ll want to create and maintain the following to build a strong online portfolio:

Insurance leads - capture
  • Social media pages, such as a Facebook business page
  • Professionally-designed website highlighting your services, competitive advantages, online reviews, and blog
  • Free business directory listings, such as Google My Business
  • Paid advertising, such as Pay Per Click ads or Facebook ads
  • Original content that provides value to your audience and establishes you as a local authority
  • Listings on insurance marketplaces, such as PolicyBazaar, BimaBazaar, and Banknet India.

One of the biggest hurdles for insurance professionals is that the digital marketing side of the business can be overwhelming and time-consuming. If you aren’t sure where or how to start or are afraid you don’t have the skills to maximize your online presence, consider hiring a marketing agency or freelancer that can create ads and original content on your behalf, find places to grow your online presence, and maintain a good online reputation.

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Differentiate your product

Because insurance has become something of a commodity, most people don’t realize that insurance products and rates can vary between providers. They expect the same service regardless of who they use for insurance, and you know that’s simply not the case.

Take time to figure out the value you bring to your local market. Find your competitive advantages and how your insurance products are better than the competitors.

Ideally, you’ll position yourself away from insurance companies that sell products and become a company that provides an invaluable service. Build your brand messaging around this idea and infuse it throughout your lead gen and sales process — and watch your competitors struggle to keep up!

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