Insurance Marketing Hacks

A constant gripe we hear from all Digital Marketers in the Insurance landscape is –“More than 30% of our inbound leads across all sources are not reachable” (“NC” as they would like to term them; Not Contactable)

After shedding all that blood, sweat and tears to craft high-conversion landing pages, writing seductive ad and page copy for SEO/SEM concluding with optimizing your bids for optimal cost per lead, watching that lead not respond to your calls & emails can be gut-wrenching.


How about a simple hack that would activate a minimum of 15% dead leads and get them talking again?

A regular Customer Success meeting with one of our Insurance clients, the other day, revealed a quirky hack that enabled their Digital Marketing team to generate more active leads out of their NC database. Being the benevolent folks that we are, we simply had to document the process for the benefit of the community at large – you see, we love our Karma Points


Before we get cracking, there are two ingredients that are essential to instrument the hack that follows.

Ingredient 1: You should have deployed an insurance marketing automation software. Shameless plug – LeadSquared is the best.

Ingredient 2: You should have a dedicated call-center team. The size of the team does not matter as long as there is a minimum of 1 resource for relentless dialing.


Following is the series of steps that led to victory

Step 1: The customer created a segment of all leads that had enquired for their flagship health insurance program IN THE LAST 30 DAYS BUT NEVER RESPONDED TO CALLS & EMAILS. These leads were comprised of two segments – the first segment did a quote-check and the other just dropped their lead without a quote check. Note: leads that have enquired in the last 30 days have a recency effect working for them. This hack might not work for older leads.

Step 2: The customer proceeded to trigger a nurturing email, the subject line being “[First Name], 10 things to keep in mind before buying a health insurance”. The email comprised of a Call To Action which led recipients to the blog on their website. Notice the name personalization in the mail? Personalized emails have a 50% better open rate than non-personalized mails.

Step 3: As soon as a lead clicked the link in the email, an automation was triggered that queued the lead’s phone number as “Hot Lead” in their call center dialing roster. In the client’s environment, Hot Leads are defined as high priority leads that are forwarded to their best performers who are empathetic to the customer’s cause. Another detail: The calls were placed 45 mins. after email link click so that leads could get ample time to read & process the blog.

The result: 1050 new leads responded to the call and were thrust deeper into the buying funnel.

What did we learn?

  • “Moments of truth” are not singular & isolated – Buyers need handholding in their journey from start to finish
  • Mere quotations and comparisons don’t work – Buyers lust for trust. Guides like “How-tos” & ”Things to keep in mind” build trust, open up relationships and get leads to talk freely.

How are you tackling the dead lead menace today? Share your thoughts in the comments below. We would love to know more!

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