Sell more with inbound marketing


This is a short and simple tale

On the impact of inbound sales

Sales girl Jane went door to door

Selling her ice creams, few or more

Sell more with inbound marketing

Cajoling, pleading and dare I say, bullying?

She leaves each house only after trying

Every day she will walk the streets

To sell her pack of 50 treats.


Salesman Sam was the ice cream man,

Who sold cold treats from his van

Inbound marketing to boost sales

“Hello there! How do you do?”

“Take a free sample, why don’t you?”

He called out to interested passers-by

Gave them his treats, and let them try.


Every evening, when they are done for the day

They counted their profits and tallied their pay

Jane to be frank, always had more cash

Because she sold her entire stash

Our man Sam, on the other hand,

Went home with less cash than planned.


Before I go on to tell you more,

Whose business do you think will grow?

Will selling door to door win in the end?

Or will it be our inbound selling friend?

Think again and let me know

I know for sure whose business will grow!


The answer is: Salesman Sam!!

Inbound marketing sells more


Yes, it was the ice-cream man

Who had expanded to one more van

As Jane did only outbound sales

That wasn’t something that easily scales


I asked Sam later how he won,

He said

“Smart inbound sales never hurt anyone”



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