Marketing Vs Sales


All meetings are exactly the same,

where 2 teams play the blame game.

Marketing and Sales openly fight

‘cuz the lead did not convert right.

Marketing Vs Sales - why no conversion?



“100 leads are in the system today,

yet none were contacted till yesterday!

We at Marketing do well our jobs,

if only you sales folks weren’t such slobs.”

Marketing Vs Sales


“None of the 100 are worthy to call

many are junk, but that’s not all!

Why haven’t they been nurtured yet?

if only Marketing had content set.”


And so it goes round and round

with no solution to be found.

Marketing and Sales could never agree

on how to handle an enquiry

Marketing Vs Sales


But then they got an automation tool

not just marketing, but a CRM too!

Finally lead generation was optimized

And lead follow-up prioritized.

Marketing Vs Sales


Lead score, quality score and lead activity

helped them nurture and follow up on priority.

Their conversions spiked through the roof

and all their problems disappeared ‘poof’

Sales guys met their targets on time,

with Marketing helping them every time!


And that is how it should always be

Marketing and Sales work together – see?

But if that is not happening for you,

Then you should get a CRM too!


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