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81% of users access their CRM software from multiple devices. 48% access CRM using mobiles, while 45% use a tablet. If you are still using a desktop-based or on-premise CRM instead of Mobile CRM, you are losing out big time on business.

87% of companies have already moved to the cloud leveraging mobile CRM and its capabilities. If you are still considering whether to go mobile, this is the right time to take action!

Today, we will explore the benefits mobile CRM brings to sales. We are sure you would be able to make your decision with the right information.

What is Mobile CRM?

You can think of mobile CRM as any other mobile app. It gives you access to customer information stored in your main CRM through mobiles, tablets, and laptops. Sometimes mobile CRMs can also be a simple web-based extension of the main CRM.

Mobile CRM helps your reps to access customer information on the field. They can also use their mobile extensions to edit and input data, schedule meetings, and more.

Why is Mobile CRM important for Sales?

As you will find out, mobile CRM can go a long way to increase sales and productivity. Let’s see how!

Information On the Go

The biggest advantage of mobile CRM is real-time access to customer data. Your reps don’t need to call the office or search spreadsheets to find the right data at the right time – they can just use their mobiles!

This feature becomes crucial when meeting clients face-to-face. The reps can dig out any data, view past purchases, and interactions for a context-based service. Everything is at their fingertips wherever they go!

Increases Sales

65% reps who use mobile CRM achieve their sales quota. On the other hand, only 22% reps that use traditional CRM meet their quotas. This is surely a glaring statistic that shows how important mobile CRM can be for sales.

Mobile CRM enables reps to spend more time building relationships as opposed to searching for data. They can also access any data at any time for closing more deals.

Mobile CRMs also help you sell more by shortening the sales cycle. We will cover this in our next point.

Shortens Sales Cycle

The more deals you close quickly, the more you can sell! Mobile CRM allows you to close deals quicker with fewer interactions. You can-

  • Find the right information at the right time
  • Place orders instantly through your mobile CRM
  • Issue invoices and quotes
  • Record customer information on the go

As a result, your sales cycles grow shorter, and that’s what all companies aim for! According to FinancesOnline, mobile CRM users experienced an 87% improvement in sales.

Boosts Productivity

Mobile CRMs increase the productivity of your sales team and sales process. The CRM apps also come with advanced options to streamline your workflow, thereby saving time and money. You can use mobile CRM to record notes, schedule appointments, review data, follow up, and more!

Research shows that mobile CRM helps companies increase productivity by 15%. Companies who use mobile CRM also report a good 73% improvement in business process efficiency.

High Accuracy and Data Quality

‘Data is king’ but only if you have the right data! When your reps use a traditional CRM, they have to wait till they are back at the office to enter customer information, change appointments, or record notes. As a result, they may forget parts of the information or make wrong entries.

Mobile CRMs eliminate this drawback with real-time data entry function. Reps can enter data and make changes using their mobile CRM on the field. So there are no risks or forgetting information or making erroneous entries.

Ultimately, this leads to accurate and high-quality data in your CRM. You can build workflow automation also automate parts of the data entry process, saving the time of your reps.

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Fosters Collaboration

Sales reps spend most of their time outside the office. For large teams, it often gets difficult to synchronize their activities or discuss strategies as they evolve.

A mobile CRM puts all members of the sales team on the same page and makes room for shared visibility. Reps can view their team member’s activities even if they are unable to communicate. They can see how far a lead has been nurtured, including interactions with other reps.

As a result, the whole of your sales team can work together for better results.

Encourages CRM Adoption

Most companies struggle while implementing new software, which is also true for CRM. Many employees might resist or take a long time to get familiar with the software.

A mobile CRM helps your employees get comfortable with the technology and new system. Trends like BYOD allows them to use any device they wish for seamless access to information. Your employees are more likely to realize the value of a CRM this way and can make CRM adoption hassle-free.

Capitalizes All Leads

Only 2% deals are closed in the first meeting- you need to follow up on the rest!

You may know that a CRM can prioritize leads and assign the right to follow up action, whether it’s sending case studies or giving them a call. With so many leads, your reps may often forget to follow up, leading to the loss of customers.

A mobile CRM solves all of these problems. Your reps get notifications on their mobiles at the right time to act. This way, they don’t need to remember anything or scroll the list of leads- the mobile CRM helps them nurture and follow up leads when required.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, mobile CRM can be an effective tool in the hands of your sales team. So, if you are using a traditional CRM, consider cutting-edge and advanced mobile CRM solutions like LeadSquared. It’s easy to use and has a minimal learning curve, and might be just what you need to boost your sales!

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