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Enhance patient experience with seamless appointment handling

Easy self-scheduling, automated reminders, glitch-free appointment handling and more

Make online self-scheduling straightforward and hassle-free

Allow your patients to schedule their appointments easily with user-friendly forms. These forms sync with your appointment schedulers and doctors’ calendars, making the process of appointment booking hassle-free for the patients and error-free on the back-end. It also helps save time for center & care staff currently tasked with appointment booking.

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Allow appointment scheduling from patient portals

Patients want visibility of their healthcare history and easy appointment booking in their portals. Make this possible by either connecting your patient portal bidirectionally using APIs or creating one in LeadSquared itself. This makes the portal completely connected with your healthcare CRM and appointment scheduler.

Make phone bookings easy and reduce call center wait times

Healthcare call center agents have visibility to all the patient and doctor data in LeadSquared to make appointment setting easy. They can view the patient appointment history and doctors’ availability calendar to make sure that appointments can be booked, canceled or rescheduled easily. The doctors are notified automatically post-booking.

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Ensure glitch-free appointment execution

Doctors and Care Managers have all the necessary information they need to ensure a hassle-free visit for the patients on the day of their appointment. They can be quickly registered and checked in, with necessary records pulled from the patient management system to ensure that care managers and doctors are aware of the case history (if available).

Maximize your team's productivity by automating patient scheduling

Automate repetitive administrative tasks to free up your in-center team for more interpersonal tasks

Notify care managers and doctors about the appointments

As soon as a patient appointment is booked, the respective center manager and the doctor are informed as well, to keep them updated with the complete day’s schedule. Reminder notifications can be sent to the doctors as well, to keep the process running smoothly, and reducing wait times at the hospital.

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Automate appointment reminders to avoid no-shows

Patients might ignore minor conditions if the symptoms recede by the day of the appointment, or it might just slip their minds. To minimize these no-shows, you can automate appointment reminders and other appointment-related communication via email, SMS, patient portals or IVR calls. This will help you increase your appointment to visit ratios.

Handle appointment reschedules seamlessly

Whenever a doctor’s schedule changes, or if an appointment is rescheduled from the hospital’s end, instantly notify the patients of the changes (via emails, text messages or a personal call from the care manager or call center). This is achieved by a seamless connect between scheduling app, communication platforms, and healthcare CRM.

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Avoid double-bookings with complete calendar visibility

All of your appointment scheduling processes and people (automated, call center agents, front-desk staff) have complete visibility into your physicians’ schedules and calendars. This would help avoid double-bookings, ensure that bookings are done according to doctors’ availability, and reduce patient frustrations.

Appointment views on mobile view for in-center doctors

Give your in-center doctor LeadSquared mobile app customized for them. They can view and even cancel or reschedule their appointments. Reschedules are automatically synced with their calendars, and automated notifications about it are sent to care managers and patients. Tasks for call center agents can be set as well to notify patients.

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Recurring appointment management and reminders

Create healthcare workflows to handle recurring appointments & notify patients automatically before each session. For instance, if a patient has appointments on 3 consecutive Fridays, the doctor’s calendar is automatically blocked and the patients notified for each session. Especially helpful in managing recurring health checks and mental health practice.

Appointment scheduling reports to identify and repair bottlenecks

Want to make your appointment scheduling efficient & error-free?