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The ultimate metric for any sales team, regardless of the industry, is productivity. This is also true for teams in the real estate sector.

The most basic question you expect your sales team to answer is,

How many properties were sold?

However, there is a bigger question to be answered when it comes to productivity in your real estate sales team.

Are you using the right sales tool? Because it is only then that you can justify when your sales team doesn’t perform as expected.

This is especially important because teams that adopt sales technology often outperform teams without it. For those in Real Estate, more attention has to be paid to the use of real estate sales software as it can have a direct impact on the team’s productivity and ultimately, sales volume.

Real Estate Sales Software Makes the Sales Process Easier

One thing is clear: sales is a really hard task, especially in the real estate industry. In India, it can even be harder. In 2017, home purchases fell by 7%. People weren’t really buying houses or investing in them. This means that there are only a few customers willing to invest in your property listings.

When the real estate market expected to grow massively in 2020, the onus is on you to set everything in place for your sales team to compete strongly.

This is something that real estate sales software helps you achieve. By streamlining the entire process, you lift the burden off members of your sales team, allowing them to focus on only the things that matter.

Rather than spending time on administrative tasks, they can follow up with customers via calls or emails. Instead of transferring leads from one agent to another, why not automatically assign it to them. These are just some of the redundancies that real estate sales software can help you get rid of.

Here are some other ways that real estate software can boost your team’s productivity.

See Improved Collaboration in Company With Real Estate Sales Software

Real estate sales software enables you to plug with other components of your business, even outside the jurisdiction of your sales team. This way, all your processes can be better optimized. The software can interact with digital marketing campaigns so that you’re able to pick leads for follow up real-time.

This is why when it’s time to choose the real estate software for your team, it is important that it has integration capabilities. Then, you’ll be able to link to other processes and digital applications outside the sales team.

Increase Productivity with Real Estate Sales Software

Sell More Properties with Automated Sales Process

Earlier, we discussed how your sales teams shouldn’t be wasting time working administrative tasks that can otherwise be done differently. With real estate sales software, comes automation. It includes the automation of emails that are sent to customers once they take certain actions. In addition to that, there is a provision to set-up follow up tasks, reminders and various other customer-centric engagement campaigns. 

For instance, when a customer first subscribes to your newsletters, you can pre-set a welcome email to be sent to them. This can include some of your best deals on certain properties in different locations across India. Your team doesn’t have to write an email to a customer each time they fill a contact form on your website.

If your real estate company handles listings for different kinds of properties (budget, luxury, residential, commercial), you can have a varied set of emails tailored to the lead’s preference. Or simply just have one that you can tweak at any point in time.

Focus on the Leads that Matter and Increase Efficiency

Don’t get me wrong – nothing is cast in stone with sales. However, there is so much that is under your control if you’re using real estate sales software. Without it, many sales teams have often found themselves spending too much time and energy working the wrong prospects.

With real estate software, you can easily filter out junk leads. Junk leads are people who show interest in your products or services but aren’t exactly qualified to make purchases. In real estate, it can be someone who requests a quote for a 2 bedroom flat just because they feel they would need one when they finally get married.

Other times, it can be as simple as using the wrong number when filling out the quote. Someone who was really interested in the product would leave their real number, won’t they? You can remove these ones from your list by doing a mobile number verification on the software. This way, your sales team members won’t bother chasing them, thinking they’re qualified leads.

Improve Your Sales Process

The real estate sales software assigns a lead score to every lead that is captured. Following that, the software prioritizes the leads and reminds your team to follow up. Based on this prioritization, your sales team can reach more promising leads first.

Through this, you can develop a highly effective sales process and convert more leads into sales.

On the other hand, there’s a lot of data to work with, especially if you run marketing campaigns online. Real estate sales software allows you to make decisions from all of this information. Lead source performance to agent performance, property inquiries, site visits, etc. Based on these metrics, you can see the things you’re doing right or wrong, and make tweaks as applicable.

According to McKinsey, 53% of sales organizations are effective at using analytics to drive growth and efficiency. With real estate sales software, you can substantially improve your decision-making process and ultimately drive growth.

Empower your Sales Team for Success

When you’re looking for answers as to why your sales team is underperforming, a great place to start is looking at the sales tools at their disposal. If the technology is redundant or non-existent, there’s only so much sales they can bring in. Real estate sales software offers your sales team a greater advantage in a market that is very competitive.

In this regard, look no further than LeadSquared’s Real Estate CRM Software to help handle your end-to-end sales execution and ultimately boost your team’s productivity.

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