Contact management software - Cloud-based accessibility

To start things off, let’s break this question up into two parts. First, what is a contact? Second, we’ll discuss the contact management software aspect of the question.  

Let’s begin by ensuring you understand that a lead is not equivalent to a contact.  


Difference between lead management and contact management software

Simply stated, a lead is someone that has the potential to purchase your services or products.  They’ve been categorized as someone that has an interest in what you have to offer, but chances are they don’t even know who you are yet.  Check out this infographic to understand the lead management process

contact management software infographic

A lead turns into a contact when a direct two-way communication starts and the lead expresses some interest in your business.  

  • They’ve been contacted by a sales rep and had a positive response
  • They are an old customer that’s done business with you previously
  • Even be a friend that hasn’t done business with you, but can influence people that could

So, as you can see, a contact is essentially the next step in the funnel.  A lead usually turns into a contact, and then eventually a buying customer.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s tackle the management software aspect of the question.  Let’s do that by asking YOU a couple questions.

How nice would it be if you

Never let a contact fall through the cracks

Followed up with contacts just at the right time

Had a log of the conversations you’ve had with the contact

Could access information on the contact anywhere, any time

Had all your contacts organized and easy to search

To be honest… the reason all of these questions sound nice is because MOST companies and businesses don’t enjoy these luxuries when it comes to managing their contacts.  

Hence, contact management software.

Contact management software is essentially a small investment in organizing your sales and marketing workflow in return for a larger customer conversion rate. It’s a database for your communication efforts with each individual/business, including names, addresses, emails, notes, important follow-up dates, phone numbers and much more. It keeps your team and your marketing efforts organized and effective. Bottom line, it helps to push the contacts faster down the sales funnel and decreases the lead leakage.

Contact management systems vary depending on the software provider, but most have basic foundational features that help you improve your communication with contacts.  

Track Data

Contact management software- Track Data

Probably the main function of a Contact management system is tracking the contact data.  Details include calls, tasks, job orders, and notes. You can also save verbal and email communications so it’s easy to see who you’ve talked to when you talked, and what you talked about.  And the best part. It’s all organized instead of being lost in a pile of sticky notes or some random spreadsheet on someone’s hard drive.

Review Information

Contact management system - Review Information

Today it’s not just about one sale and you’re done.  We have the ability to closely track the lifetime value of a client and work to maximize that amount!  Contact management software keeps an organized history of past conversations, quotes, job orders, and sales records. The ability to review conversations helps you nurture long-term relationships and more successfully move contacts further down your sales funnel.

Contact management software - Automated Reminders

Automate Reminders

With contact management software you no longer need to post twenty sticky notes on your computer screen or remember to add a reminder to your phone.  With CM Software you can create automated reminders.

Contact management - Cloud-based accessibility

Cloud-based accessibility

Most contact management systems are on the cloud. That means you and your sales team can access information from anywhere using a device connected to the internet. This makes storing and accessing client data simpler when you’re on the go.

Can you imagine losing all the contact information you’ve built over the previous months or years? With a cloud-based contact management software, the chances of this are nearly impossible.  Papers don’t get lost. Spreadsheets don’t close without saving. When it’s on the web, it’s easy to access and hard to lose.

The bottom line…

If you’re tired of missing out on opportunities because you didn’t follow up on time or you forgot to call someone back, then Contact management software is the solution you’re looking for.  By keeping your contacts and marketing efforts organized, you’ll close more sales faster and more efficiently. And isn’t that what we all want?

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