Automotive Digital Transformation

The automotive industry is facing a transformative moment, driven by evolving customer expectations and the need to adapt to digital advancements. Because today, it’s not just about vehicle anymore – it’s about the overall work productivity and customer experience.

But, incorporating digital technologies comes with increased costs and complexities. So, how can automakers respond to this shift? How can they seize the opportunity to innovate and grow in new directions? And how to make the shift cost-effective and efficient?

Listen to experts from the industry to find these answers and learn some tried and proven strategies for an effective digital transformation.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Benefits and challenges associated with digital transformation
  • Understanding the new age customers
  • Building a strong digital infrastructure
  • Cost-effectiveness and efficiency in digital transformation


Projesh Kar

Projesh Kar
General Manager and National Head – Digital Sales, Tata Motors

Ankur Tyagi

Ankur Tyagi
Deputy General Manager ESYNC Operations, Hero Motors

Vineet Sharma

Vineet Sharma
Director – Business Development, LeadSquared

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