drug rehab marketing
drug rehab marketing

Running a drug and rehab center is a rewarding job. You provide hope to countless people for starting a new life and quitting their harmful habits. However, you also need to turn a profit to be able to offer your services.

Today, we will learn how to do drug rehab marketing or addiction treatment marketing in this digital age to maximize your revenues. In the process, you will create a good reputation and stand out as a respectable center of recovery. 

Drug rehab marketing strategies

1. Set Up an SEO Optimized Website

The first and foremost step is to create a professional website. 64% of patients book appointments online in the healthcare industry, so not having a website means lost clients. 

Your website acts as a landing page and information center for people looking for drug rehab services. Be sure to mention your contact details clearly with a phone number prospective clients can always reach.

Be mindful of SEO and take the help of a digital marketing agency if you lack the talent to optimize your website. You have to perform keyword research and market research to do search engine optimization and land in the search results across the internet. Also, create a patient portal with online registration with multiple payment methods. 

2. Join Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, with over 2 billion users, can help you expand your reach to a large market. Sign up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and create official pages. Share updates, news, content, videos- anything that attracts attention, creates engagement, and generates leads. You can also run social media marketing campaigns.

You can also join LinkedIn if you are targeting business clients like hospitals. 

Join the recovery groups, participate in the discussions, and try to become a thought leader. You can then suggest your treatment programs where applicable and get more customers walking in. 

3. Consider Call Tracking

According to research done by GetApp, 50% of clients still use the phone to book appointments in the healthcare and wellness industry. It’s obvious to have your phone number on your websites, ads, citations, and anywhere applicable. Along with that, you should have a system to track inbound phone leads as they convert much better than online leads.

Call tracking is a solution that tracks your calls from all sources- online ads, newspaper and magazine ads, website, social media, and blogs. You can get important details like-

  • Source of call 
  • Caller name and location
  • Time and date of the call
  • Call history
  • Keyword that generated the call

The information helps you form insights about your customers. You can listen to call recordings to generate customer insight.

Call tracking also helps convert more phone leads, just like a CRM does for online leads. You can check out our integrated call tracking solutions with LeadSquared’s Healthcare CRM and capture leads from the software and engage using text, emails, and calls. 

4. Create and Share Quality Content

Sharing content is one of the best ways to market your addiction recovery center. You should create quality blogs that generate awareness about-

  • Consequences of drug abuse
  • Effects and dangers of various substances
  • Ways to stay away from drugs
  • Methods to deal with addiction

You can blog about anything and everything that helps victims of substance abuse lead a healthy life. Share your blogs on social media for more traffic and leads. 

Drug rehabs can especially benefit from being active on YouTube. Create and share short 3 – 5-minutes videos with helpful tips and share on your channel. YouTube is the second-largest search engine and can be a good place to generate leads. 

5. Get a Dose of PR

Having your name featured in publications, news articles, and other places can build your reputation and get more clients walking through your doors. You can approach journalists, physicians, and other stakeholders to mention your business in their reports, blogs, talks, webinars, or lectures. The scale of PR activities should also be performed while keeping the marketing budget in mind as PR can sometimes cost a fortune.

Never miss a chance to highlight the good work you are doing. Create and share stories about clients whom you enabled to get sober and lead a normal life. Local newspapers often run stories about notable recovery organizations, so do your bit to get some limelight. 

6. Ask for Testimonials

Your prospective clients are more likely to trust the words of a fellow substance abuser more than anyone. So when your clients leave positive feedback, other victims believe them word-to-word.

Always ask for testimonials from your clients. Ask them to share their experience at your recovery center and things they liked. You shouldn’t try to manipulate their feedback and encourage honest reviews. If anything needs to be improved, work on it, and get it done.

Proudly share and post your testimonials on your website, social media, and any place people can see. Be proactive in dealing with negative feedback and try to resolve the issue or misunderstanding quickly. That grows your reputation and makes you appear committed to the clients. 

7. Advertise if Required

You can consider investing in advertisements to capture more leads. Recovery centers can benefit from running PPC ads on Google and Bing targeting the right keywords.

Google is now limiting ads with some drug rehab-associated keywords, so choose your keywords carefully. You may also need to get a LegitScript Certification to be able to take advantage of PPC. 

Social media advertising is also a good way to generate more leads. Facebook is a great place to find local customers and target them using demographics, location, and other metrics. You can also create advertisements for YouTube to bring in more traffic. 

You can even run print advertisements in newspapers, magazines, and publications that deal with addiction and recovery. 

Manage Everything with a Marketing Automation Solution

Manage your marketing like an expert and convert more leads using LeadSquared HIPAA compliant healthcare CRM software. It’s an end-to-end marketing solution that helps you capture, nurture, and encourage patients. You can also boost engagement, improve patient experience, and measure the performance of your marketing efforts.

LeadSquared enables drug rehab marketing and recovery centers to increase conversions for more revenues. The solution also lets you create self-service customer portals and carry out omnichannel communication. You can even streamline workflow, automate tasks, and save costs for more profit.  Contact us to know more.

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