The much-awaited Facebook Video Ads are finally here. Over the next couple of months, users will come across ‘Premium Video Ads’ in their News Feed. The 15-second video ads have been launched on both, desktop and mobile. Facebook has been testing these ads since September 2013 and now, it has finally rolled out and offered this advertising medium to a select group of advertisers.

So how will this benefit advertisers?

“With Premium Video Ads, brands now have another way of engaging people on Facebook with compelling video experience. We’ll roll out Premium Video Ads slowly and monitor how people interact with them. This limited introduction allows us to concentrate our efforts on a smaller number of advertisers with high-quality campaigns to create the best possible experience on Facebook.”

Facebook is working with a company called Ace Metrix, to evaluate ‘how engaging the creative is for each ad’, before they go live on Facebook. The two companies will collaborate to objectively access the creative quality of the video. The ads will be reviewed and evaluated in terms of their

  • meaningfulness
  • emotional resonance
  • watchability

Key features of these ads:

  • Scheduling of ads – This feature allows advertisers to select the day and time of the launch of their ad on Facebook
  • Set up of promotion’s reach and frequency – This feature will enable a marketer to space out its campaign across several weeks, hence, driving engagement and curiosity among customers.

What else has Facebook done this year?

Facebook has been on a roll this year as far as changes and launches are concerned. Shortly before the launch of video ads, the company rolled out a new ‘streamlined’ look for Facebook Pages. However, this new look is only available on the desktop as of now. The mobile look will roll out in a couple of months.

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