So, you thought Reddit’s Ask me anything (AMA) live Q&A sessions and Twitter chats were stealing the limelight from other social networking channels? Think again, for here comes Flawk!

Flawk is a communication tool of one-to-many, a real-time engagement platform aimed at people and brands, basically anyone, who is looking to engage with their Twitter followers in a fun & safe environment.

Flawk’s interactive platform…why?

When was the last time you posted a Tweet like this…

…and got a reply?

Let me guess, never? 

So, when Flawk was launched, here’s what one of the founders responded, “Everyone needs to be heard and current solutions don’t meet needs of the audience. Why do we have to leave a message on Twitter and hope that sometime, they’ll get back to us?”

On its way to change the ‘no-instant-response’ obstacle, how?

i. Instant real-time engagement: Flawk offers instant real-time engagement for its users. So, in the near future, will this mean an annihilation of the one-to-many communication models that inundates current social media platforms? Yes, I am talking of current AMAs and Twitter conversations.

Current AMA platforms lack the depth of providing ‘instant’ feedback. You can tweet and share a video, but entities being addressed in the Tweets, remain distant.

ii. Though not face-to-face, but conversations are highly engaging: Flawk sits alongside Twitter and sets up an an instant chat system within minutes. It provides a new avenue for communication which lets users to do more than just look at content or expand Twitter conversations, it puts both sides in the same online ‘event’ as if everyone were in the same room.

iii. Flawk user interface is really easy: Twitter chats are limited in characters and participation in a Reddit AMA requires a verified account (which may alienate fans). Flawk makes hosting Q&A sessions with Twitter followers really easy. Flawk may be well on its way to get a place in business, replacing conference calls or other communication initiatives.

With Flawk you can…

What’s in it for businesses?

1. The Flawk platform can really benefit customer service executives. The aspect of providing real-time feedback could allow them to talk with customers through a platform and not a handset.

2. Company bosses, CEOs and decision makers can take part in regular chats, providing consumers a more intimate relationship with them.

3. This can be really good for marketers in terms of celebrity endorsements. Flawk currently promotes the ease at which celebrities can talk to fans. This could be a goldmine for brands which are heavily endorsed by celebrities. If brands can conduct themselves really well on Flawk, this platform also becomes a great promotional tool for businesses.

Flawk: The good & the ugly


1. You don’t need a separate log-in id, you can use Twitter to log-in. Flawk’s user interface is very simple to use and uncomplicated. (Step-by-step process discussed in detail below). 

2. The entire process is controlled by the owner of the account (the host of the flawk session) and he/she can share videos, play music and share other links to an international audience – people who are attending the Flawk.

3. Hosts have the freedom to pick the questions they want to answer.

4. Users can vote up questions they want to see answered.

5. The entire chat session runs at the bottom of the page which makes following the session easy. 

6. Each answer that the host provides (including sharing of video & links) can be shared directly on Facebook or Twitter.


1. There’s no way to save a Flawk session. There is a tab which does show ‘missed Flawks’, but when clicked upon, you are redirected to a page which provides no further information on the Q&A session.  

Let’s set you up…

1. Visit the website and log in with your Twitter id.

2. Once you are logged in, this is how the home screen will look like. If there is a Flawk session lined up, the host of the session and the topic will be visible on your left and and the countdown to the session & RSVP call to action on your right.

3. If a Flawk session interests you, you can RSVP the host of the session and send him a tweet about the same.

4. You can also start your own Flawk Q&A session by clicking on the link below the RSVP call to action.

So, now that you know how to get started, get going and do let me know how your first Flawk session went? I will be waiting.

So, it is adios conference calls? What do you think? Leave me a comment.

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