door to door sales tips

Door-to-door sales can be difficult if don’t have a prior background of doing outside sales hence we have got some door to door sales tips for you. Convincing people whom you don’t even know to buy your product is not easy. However, if you can do it right, you are more likely to hit your quota than any inside salesperson. 

So how do you get more sales going door to door?

Here are some advanced door to door sales tips to crack the deal and convert your potential client!

1. Make Your Prospect Comfortable

You can’t land a sale unless the person answering the door is comfortable speaking to you. That’s why it’s completely necessary to be friendly and get to know your prospects better. 

Once you have set a comfort level, you can then start progressing with the sale. 

2. Set Targets

Setting targets is really crucial in door-to-door sales. First off, you need to set a target on the number of houses you are going to visit. Next, you also need a target time you will spend on each house. 

Try to achieve your target no matter if all houses close the door on your face. The more houses you knock, the more are the chances of finding a potential customer. 

Having a target time for each house helps you utilize your day to the fullest without wasting time. 

  • Don’t dedicate more than 15 – 20-minutes on each house
  • Learn to recognize “no”s faster
  • Make your clients comfortable to say no

3. Pitch with Videos

80% of video marketers agree videos can directly increase your sales. 

We all know that our brains are more attracted to visuals than speeches or texts. Videos can create a greater impact on your customer and encourage him to take action. 

Consider adding videos to your sales pitch while doing door to door sales. You can use your mobile to show videos that detail the benefit and features of the product you are selling. 

Using visuals increases the chances of landing a sale. Your reps can also gain confidence as they have something to complement their pitch. 

4. Don’t Skip Modest Houses

Don’t think you only need to knock on rich people’s doors to sell your products. People who live in modest homes can also have thousands of dollars to spend. 

According to seasoned door-to-door reps, people in big mansions often have less money to spend as it’s already tied up with their property. 

5. Offer Expertise

People are less likely to buy your product if you only keep on convincing them. However, offering expertise and valuable information on how your product can solve individual pain points can be more effective. 

For this, you really need to know your product. You should also have an idea of the industry and competitors. Read industry publications and boost your knowledge to answer every question of your potential customer. 

6. Give Your Prospects Time

Do you buy a product without researching its benefits?

Your door-to-door customers will not always go by what you are saying. Most will do standalone research and try to determine if the product is really suitable for them.

You should allow your prospect the time to think and do their homework. You can schedule a meeting next week or follow-up a few days later over the phone. 


7. Reflect Authority and Confidence

You have only a few milliseconds to create a good impression after someone opens the door. You have to make all efforts to strike a great first impression to get the deal going. You should-

  • Knock politely or ring the bell once
  • Appear confident and friendly
  • Create an air of authority
  • Have a positive body language

8. Don’t Pressurize

You can never make a sale by pressurizing your door-to-door clients unless you are five-year-old selling cookies! The idea is to start a friendly conversation where you need to be subtle with your pitching. 

The best way is to give room to your prospect so that he can breathe and make his decision. Also, remember you can only make a sale to people who have some interest in your product. 

Never pressurize your prospects as it doesn’t work.

9. Retarget for More Sales

Your product or work speaks for itself. If you are a home improvement company who just did a landscape, make every effort to publicize it. You can send postcards with the images of your work to neighbors to generate more leads. 

People who bought from you are also ideal for future targeting as they already trust your company. 

10. Take Cues from Body Language

You can make out what your prospect is feeling by concentrating on his body language. This is one of most important door to door sales tips. Looks at his face, expressions, and movements- what do they tell you?

You can sense if the client is interested in tracking his body language. If he appears disinterested, it’s better to move on!

11. Quit at the Right Time

You won’t be able to sell to every person who answers the door. Keep this in mind and then go about your door-to-door selling.

If someone appears disinterested, it’s better not to push ahead. You should learn to quit at the right time to make the most of your day. Don’t lose hope if you don’t land a single sale in a day- as you are likely to fail to convince 90% of the time. 

12. Track Your Results

Knowing when to use the right strategy can make a big difference in the number of sales you make. So, track your results and identify the strategies that work best. You can then use the same strategies to convert other prospects that open the door.  

13. Empower Your Reps with Mobile CRM

Your reps will need a set of tools to manage their day and leads. Many companies use field automation solutions like LeadSquared to manage field reps and sales. Your reps can also use their mobiles to instantly upload customer data and place orders from the field

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