Top 5 Insightly Alternatives and Competitors

Started in 2009, Insightly is a CRM built for small and medium sized businesses.  

With the software being designed to integrate with Google Apps products, Insightly offers great solutions to growing teams looking for a CRM that helps in project management as well keeping track of their sales funnel.  

However, the CRM has a lot of bugs in its software. And when combined with the poor customer support, the software can be difficult to use.   

Therefore, if you’re looking for Insightly alternatives, here is a list of a few CRMs that are affordable and more robust. You can also find their pros and cons under each CRM’s section for more details.  

(Please note, since the number of reviews for each product is inconsistent, the average rating column is just to give you an idea about the customer perceptions.) 

Insightly Alternative

Popular for

Average Rating on Gartner, Capterra, and G2



Ease of Use, Pricing, Scalability, and No-code Automation 


  • Lite - $25 per user/month

  • Pro - $50 per user/month

  • Super - $100 per user/month


Number of Features, AI-based reporting and Analytics, Enterprise-Focused 


  • Essentials - $25 per user/month 

  • Professional - $75 per user/month 

  • Enterprise - $150 per user/month 

  • Unlimited - $300 per user/month 


Email Nurturing, Marketing Automation, Sales Pipeline Management 


  • Free - $0 per user/month

  •  Basic - $12.74 per user/month 

  • Growth - $42.49 per user/month

  • Pro - $84.99 per user/month


Lead management, Building Sales Pipelines, and Nurturing campaigns 


  • Essential - $9.90 per user/month  

  • Advanced - $19.90 per user/month    

  • Professional – $39.90 per user/month  

  • Enterprise – $59.90 per month 

Monday Sales 

Lead Nurturing, Interactive User Interface, Scalability 


  • Individual CRM - $0 per user/month 

  • Basic CRM - $10 per user/month 

  • Standard CRM - $14 per user/month 

  • Pro CRM - $24 per user/month 

  • Enterprise CRM – customizable 

Now that you have an overview of them, let’s look at each CRM in more detail.  

1. LeadSquared 

LeadSquared is a sales execution CRM that is built to help SMBs improve their sales and marketing outcomes with features like lead nurturing, lead scoring, workflow automation, and sales automation. The platform boosts sales teams’ performances by eliminating mundane and repetitive tasks, automatically capturing the prospect’s information, and enabling them with insights to personalize conversations.  

What makes LeadSquared an excellent Insightly alternative?  

LeadSquared, rated an average of 4.4, is great software to invest in, especially if you want extensive and robust features. Plus, it provides more advanced features like engagement score-based automation triggers.  

“The LeadSquared team went miles ahead and helped us to by listening to our specific needs  and making it a complete suite where we can track the complete lead journey, ” a reviewer shared on Gartner.  

Where does LeadSquared fall short?  

Now while the CRM is solid overall, the only downside is that it can be slower to use than other CRMs at times. However, since the company constantly takes feedback from its customers, they have worked to steadily improve this shortcoming.  


This CRM offers its packages at three prices. You can check their pricing page for more information.  

  • Lite – $25 per user/month  
  • Pro – $50 per user/month  
  • Super – $100 per user/month  

2. Salesforce  

Salesforce is an all-in-one CRM that allows extensive customizability to tailor solutions according to your business needs. Being one of the most feature-extensive CRMs in this list, some of the software’s key features include:  

Salesforce CRM

What makes Salesforce a great Insightly alternative?  

One significant advantage with this CRM is the extensivity of features it provides. Well-liked and used by many companies, this 4.6-rated CRM offers robust and customizable solutions.  

Plus, small companies can use Salesforce essentials, which starts at $25 per user/month. Here is a review that a user shared on Gartner:   
“We had a very positive experience with Sales Cloud. From initial discussions all the way through to go-live they were very supportive. They worked with us to find an implementation partner to setup the system to match our requirements.” 

Then where does Salesforce Sales Cloud fall short?  

One of the biggest reasons why smaller businesses look at Salesforce alternatives is due to the CRM’s high prices. Although the initial package is priced at $25, it contains only the bare minimum. 

Other features that are essential for scaling up, like customized reports, customizable pipelines, etc., are locked away at higher priced packages. This makes scalability an issue. Furthermore, making changes or customizing your existing Salesforce plans will further drain your pockets.  


  • Essentials – $25 per user/month 
  • Professional – $75 per user/month 
  • Enterprise – $150 per user/month 
  • Unlimited – $300 per user/month 

3. EngageBay 

EngageBay is a sales and marketing CRM that helps small businesses manage their deals, automate their workflows, monitor team performance, and track leads through their business funnels. It is best known for its easy to use drag and drop style customization feature.   

EngageBay CRM

What makes EngageBay a great Insightly alternative?  

EnagageBay provides far more features than Insightly, like 360-degree contact views, appointment scheduling, gamification, and support via live chat.  

Plus, EngageBay has good ratings, with an average of  4.4 on G2, Gartner, and Capterra. Here is one such positive review about the CRM:  

“The EngageBay all-in-one platform is the simplest, and their USP, according to me, is their great customer support. ” 

Then where does EngageBay fall short?  

If you want your CRM to provide excellent email marketing templates, then this CRM might not be the best choice. Multiple reviews have described this platform’s email templates as ‘unsatisfactory’.   

Not to mention, a few companies have also noted bad experiences with EngageBay’s sales teams. 


  • Free – $0 per user/month  
  • Basic – $12.74 per user/month 
  • Growth – $42.49 per user/month 
  • Pro – $84.99 per user/month 

4. Pipedrive 

Pipedrive is a sales CRM that is known for excellent pipeline management, lead capturing, sales automation, and lead distribution. Built for B2C SMBs, Pipedrive offers excellent solutions for the manufacturing, IT, and software industries.  

Pipedrive CRM

What makes Pipedrive a great Insightly alternative?  

 Now one area where Pipedrive has a clear upper hand is the UI. Pipedrive’s UI is known to be very intuitive and easy to use, unlike Insightly which can feel a little more cluttered.  

Furthermore, it is a powerful, easy-to-use CRM that provides excellent sales reporting.  

Then, where does Pipedrive fall short?  

An area where Pipedrive still needs to catch up to Insightly is with advanced contact information features and specific project tracking features outsides of sales.  

Despite a 4.3 rating, Pipedrive’s users usually complain about   its poor customer support.  

“Worst part is the support response time is pathetically slow, it’s anywhere between 2-4 days. We use hundreds of SAAS products and this one is by far the worst ever.” 


  • Essential – $9.90 per user/month   
  • Advanced – $19.90 per user/month   
  • Professional – $39.90 per user/month   
  • Enterprise – $59.90 per month 

5. Monday Sales CRM 

Monday Sales CRM, a part of the’s work OS, helps businesses nurture leads, streamline sales, track leads, and generate more leads through its marketing tools. Monday’s excellent project management, sales force automation, and competitive pricing make it a good choice for SMB businesses. 


What makes Monday Sales CRM a great Insightly alternative? 

This CRM has been rated an average 4.6 on G2, Capterra, and Gartner.  

One of the best features about the CRM is that it is easy to use and you can customize the templates accordingly to your needs.  

“The automation tool is by far the best reason to switch to Having time-triggering events is a HUGE win for this system,” shared a reviewer.   

Then, where does Monday Sales CRM fall short?  

One issue with the CRM is the lack of control and customized filters you have over the way emails are tracked. 

Furthermore, there were a couple of complaints that their onboarding and self help packages were not very useful.  

“I dislike that all of their “training videos” feel like ads. It would have been nice to talk to someone, like a rep, during implementation.  But I kept getting directed back to the videos that were very salesy and not instructive.” 


  • Individual CRM – $0 per user/month  
  • Basic CRM – $10 per user/month  
  • Standard CRM – $14 per user/month  
  • Pro CRM – $24 per user/month  
  • Enterprise CRM – customizable 

We hope this list of Insightly alternatives proved to be useful. Fortunately, there are a lot of affordable alternatives on the market for small businesses. It all just boils down to finding the one that fits you perfectly.  

Now one such CRM is LeadSquared. With its affordable pricing, you get all the features necessary to scale your business right from the basic package. Moreover, it is intuitive, easy to use, and highly customizable. Get in touch with our experts to know how a tailor-made fit can improve your business efficiency by leaps and bounds.  


Who is Insightly best suited for? 

Insightly is best suited for small businesses that want project management and sales funnel visualization.  

What is Insightly’s pricing?

Insightly has three prices at $29 (Plus), $49 (Professional), and $99 (Enterprise). 

What is Insightly good for?

Insightly is well known for Google app integrations, sales funnel visualization, and project management features. But a few alternatives such as LeadSquared, Salesforce, EngageBay, and Pipedrive offer more features at affordable prices.

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