5 Less Annoying CRM Alternatives for Growing Businesses in 2023

Less Annoying CRM (LACRM) has been the US News and World Report’s #1 CRM for four consecutive years, from 2020 to 2023. As its name suggests, LACRM was built to do away with complicated pricing structures and an unnecessary plethora of options.  

Therefore, the CRM offers just one package–priced at $15 per user/month. 

Another unique aspect of the CRM is that it focuses on small businesses. They claim they aren’t “a neglected spin-off like other big CRMs.” Being one of the easiest CRMs to use, less annoying CRM is truly…less annoying.  

Less annoying CRM

However, since Less Annoying CRM is focused on small businesses, it is not the choice for companies looking to scale up. The average number of users on LACRM is 2.5, and the company has stated on their website that they intend to keep it that way.  

Plus, the CRM lacks extensive features or integrations to support larger-sized businesses. Therefore, if you are a fast-growing or a medium to enterprise-sized business, here are a few Less Annoying CRM alternatives for you to consider:  

5 Best Less Annoying CRM Alternatives for 2024 

Less Annoying CRM Alternative 

Popular for 

Average Rating on Gartner, Capterra, and G2 



Mobile CRM, End-to-end lead management, Pricing, Robustness, and No-code automation 


  • Lite - $25 per user/month

  • Pro - $50 per user/month

  • Super - $100 per user/month

Zoho CRM

Number of Features, Price, Integrability, and Ticketing Services 


  • Bigin - $0 per user/month

  • Standard – $14 per user/month

  • Professional – $23 per user/month

  • Enterprise – $40 per user/month

  • Ultimate – $52 per user/month


Ease-of-use, Building sales pipelines, and Nurturing campaigns 


  • Essential - $9.90 per user/month  

  • Advanced - $19.90 per user/month  

  • Professional – $39.90 per user/month  

  • Enterprise – $59.90 per month 


Sales analytics, Lead tracking, Ease of use, and Sales force automation 


  • $24.90 per user/month


Integration of G-suite products and Basic automation 


  • Basic - $29 per user/mont

  • Professional - $69 per user/month

  • Business - $134 per user/month

1. LeadSquared 

LeadSquared is an end-to-end sales CRM that helps reps sell faster and more efficiently, while targeting the right customers. The company provides easy-to-use features, high customizability, and out-of-the-box integrations to support businesses looking to scale up. Some of the CRM’s key features are:  

  1. Lead capture 
  2. Lead management 
  3. Sales automation 
  4. Sales management 
  5. Workflow automation 

What makes LeadSquared a good Less Annoying CRM alternative?  

LeadSquared, a 4.4-rated software, provides a lot more features and integrations than Less Annoying CRM does.    

Furthermore, it provides excellent customer support, which is crucial for any business.

LeadSquared is an economical but effective solutions for small and medium enterprises with customized, personal support. Their Customer Success team makes sure they go the extra mile to provide the service the client needs.” 

Another area where LeadSquared excels is the user-friendliness of its platform, which allows anyone to work with it, even if they lack a technical background.  

Where does LeadSquared fall short?  

An area where LeadSquared has a disadvantage compared to LACRM is its price, which starts at $25 per user/month. However, this is still one of the more affordable CRMs on this list.  

Another aspect that the company is looking to improve is the speed of its application.   


  • Lite – $25 per user/month 
  • Pro – $50 per user/month 
  • Super – $100 per user/month 

2. Zoho CRM  

Zoho CRM provides excellent and robust solutions for fast-growing SMBs looking with their suite of products, which contains an in-built email domain, analytics, customer support software, and appointment scheduling services. The CRM also provides great lead capturing, sales force automation, and lead scoring.  

Zoho an alternative to less annoying crm

What makes Zoho CRM a good Less Annoying CRM alternative?  

An area where Zoho has the edge over Less Annoying CRM is that it provides a few key features like sales forecasting and workflow automation, which Less Annoying CRM doesn’t.  

Plus, Zoho also offers a free version called Zoho Bigin, explicitly designed for start-ups and small businesses that are looking for a free CRM.  

Many reviews on Capterra have also praised the ease of use and the wide variety of features that Zoho CRM provides. 

Where does Zoho CRM fall short? 

A major drawback of this 4.2-rated CRM is the fact that it has modular pricing. This means that even if you want one extra feature, you need to buy a higher pricing package.  

Users have expressed their discontent towards the lack of seamless third-party integrations, that many Zoho alternatives offer even at lower packages.  


  • Bigin – $0 per user/month 
  • Standard – $14 per user/month 
  • Professional – $23 per user/month 
  • Enterprise – $40 per user/month 
  • Ultimate – $52 per user/month 

3. Pipedrive 

Pipedrive is a pipeline management and sales CRM built to help B2C small and medium-sized companies capture leads, manage them, and automate manual sales processes. Some of the platform’s prominent features are:  

  1. Pipeline management 
  2. Sales management 
  3. Lead scoring  
  4. Lead tracking  
  5. Sales force automation 
pipedrive an alternative to less annoying crm

What makes Pipedrive a good Less Annoying CRM alternative? 

Pipedrive is a user-friendly platform built to handle growing B2C businesses, which means it can support many leads at a time without lagging.  

“What I liked the most was the user interface, which has helped us tremendously track the customer journey. I also like that we can customize the pipelines to some extent. It is a powerful CRM that takes care of the entire methodological process to save time in a sales agreement.”


Where does Pipedrive fall short? 

Many users seem to reach out to Pipedrive alternatives because of the poor customer support and an abundance of unresolved challenges.   

There have also been many reports of bugs and glitches in the software, which delayed important tasks and make the software a nightmare to use. Unfortunately, Pipedrive also limits the types of reports each user can generate.  


  • Essential – $9.90 per user/month  
  • Advanced – $19.90 per user/month  
  • Professional – $39.90 per user/month  
  • Enterprise – $59.90 per month 

4. BIGContacts

BIGContacts is an easy-to-use CRM tool designed for small to medium-sized businesses, offering seamless contact management, sales tracking, and marketing automation. With customizable fields, automated tasks, and 24×7 support, it streamlines operations for efficient growth.

bigcontacts an alternative to less annoying crm

What makes BIGContacts a good Less Annoying CRM alternative?

BIGContacts stands out as an excellent alternative to Less Annoying CRM due to its affordability, user-friendly design, and powerful automation capabilities. 

Unlike other Less Annoying CRMs, BIGContacts offers a wide range of features. These include email marketing, webform connection, and mobile CRM. 

Additionally, it provides a 360° view of contacts with custom fields, file management, and activity tracking. 

You’ll also find visual sales pipeline management with a simple drag-and-drop interface. 

Furthermore, BIGContacts offers automated tasks, reminders, and workflows for enhanced productivity.

Where Does BIGContacts fall short?

The free plan (although a great solution for SMBs) only offers 100 contacts. However, the paid plan is also quite affordable, so anyone looking to store more than 100 contacts can opt for the business plan.

BIGContacts frequently updates its software, requiring you to consistently adapt, despite the updates being beneficial.


Free – $0 per user/month
Business – $9.90 per user/month

5. Nimble CRM  

Nimble CRM is an online sales and marketing platform that allows you to store and organize contacts, set follow-up reminders, deliver sales outreach to targeted groups, manage numerous sales pipelines, and much more.  

It helps reps sell better by providing:

  1. Contact management 
  2. Email tracking and analytics 
  3. Sales management 
  4. Pipeline management 
nimble an alternative to less annoying crm

What makes Nimble a good Less Annoying CRM alternative? 

Nimble has a 4.3 average rating on G2, Gartner, and Capterra. In addition to sales features, it also provides excellent marketing automation, email tracking, and lead nurturing features, that Less Annoying CRM lacks. 

“Nimble is an exceptionally simple to use, relationship-based CRM program that’s exceedingly acknowledged by the staff within the organization. Its simple and enhanced integrations with other programs makes Nimble an excellent choice,” shared a reviewer.   

Where does Nimble fall short?  

However, the grass is not all green on this platform, and one example of this is the CRM’s customizability, which is quite unsatisfactory according to a few users. 

A user also found the CRM to be difficult to learn and when they raised a support ticket, the support team at Nimble was unresponsive.  


This CRM, like Less Annoying CRM, comes with a single price of $24.90 per user/month.  

6. Copper CRM  

Copper CRM is built specifically for businesses that use Google Workspace. This all-in-one CRM provides a user-friendly and familiar Google-style interface which can be easily picked up by anyone. Formerly known as ProspectWorks, Copper CRM provides excellent sales and opportunity management, email tracking and engagement, and tasks and activity management.  

copper an alternative to less annoying crm

What makes Copper a good Less Annoying CRM alternative?   

The best thing about copper is its flexibility and customizability. “Copper allows you to fully customize your CRM, with fields, drop-downs, that are easy to add on the fly,” is what a reviewer shared about the CRM.  

And, of course, we can’t forget to mention how seamlessly it integrates with other Google products

Where does Copper CRM fall short?  

While Copper CRM offers a lot of features for businesses, one of the issues that users face is the long wait time for reports.  

“I rely heavily on the data that Copper stores, and I would love to be able to get real-time reports instead of waiting for the updates every 10 hours!” shared a reviewer.  

Plus, this CRM might not be suited for companies that use a lot of third-party applications as API integrations with those are severely lacking.  


  • Basic – $29 per user/month 
  • Professional – $69 per user/month 
  • Business – $134 per user/month 

And this concludes our list of Less Annoying CRM alternatives for growing businesses. We hope you found it useful.  

Now while more affordable CRMs can be tempting especially while starting out or when you are a small business, you also need to factor in scalability. You don’t want to keep changing the software every few years as and when your company grows. This is why investing in a scalable solution is essential.  

Take LeadSquared, for example. Our highly customizable solutions and umpteen integrations with almost every app on the market allow your business to scale with ease. Interested to know more about how we can help? Get in touch with our CRM experts today!   


1. What is a free Less Annoying CRM alternative?  

Most CRMs offer a free trial. Zoho Bigin and HubSpot also offer free versions, making them good, free LACRM alternatives.  

2. Is Less Annoying CRM cloud based?  

Yes, Less Annoying CRM is a cloud-based tool for sales teams, and it can be accessed from any device. 

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