Pipedrive alternatives

Now, before we look at the Pipedrive alternatives, let’s answer the question – what is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a well-known sales CRM software popular for its simple and interactive user-interface. Being one of the leading CRMs in the game, this software also serves as an account–management tool that helps sales and marketing teams.

Pipedrive CRM

This software has an average rating of 4.3, higher than most of its competitors, on Capterra, G2, and Gartner, making it extremely popular amongst small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). However, Pipedrive comes up short in two places – customer support and workflow automation. These shortcomings make it difficult for any company that opts for the software to expand and scale its business.

Here are eleven alternatives to consider for Pipedrive in 2023.

(Please note, since the number of reviews for each product is inconsistent, the average rating column is just to give you an idea about the customer perceptions.)

Top 11 Pipedrive Alternatives for 2023

Pipedrive AlternativesPopular forAverage Rating on Gartner, Capterra, and G2Pricing
LeadSquaredEase of use, Pricing, Scalability, and No-code Automation4.4Lite – $25 per user/month
Pro – $50 per user/month
Super – $100 per user/month
Sales Cloud by SalesforceIntegrations, Scalability, and Number of features4.2Essentials – $25 per user/month
Professional – $75 per user/month
Enterprise – $150 per user/month
Unlimited – $300 per user/month 
Less Annoying CRMFast, Affordability, Customer Support4.815$ per user/ month
ActiveCampaignEase of use, SMB – focused, Automation and workflow4.6Lite – $29 per user/month
Plus – $49 per user/month
Professional – $149 per user/month
Enterprise – Custom pricing
FreshsalesCustomer Support, Ease of use,
Automation and Flexibility
4.6Free – $0 per user/month
Growth – $29 per user/month
Pro – $69 per user/month
Enterprise – $125 per user/month


Ease-of-use, Highly affordable, No-code workflows, and All-in-one CRM4.5
Basic: $12.74/month
Growth: $42.49/month
Pro: $84.99/month
Monday CRMLead nurturing, User Interface, Scalability, and Interactability4.6Individual CRM – $0 per user/month
Basic CRM – $10 per user/month
Standard CRM – $14 per user/month
Pro CRM – $24 per user/month
Enterprise CRM – customizable
Sales Hub by HubSpotEase of use, APIs, and Customizable Platform4.5Free – $0 per month
Starter – $45 per month
Professional – $450 per month
Enterprise – $1200 per month
SalesmateRobustness, Simplicity, and Customer Service4.6Starter – $12 per user/month
Growth – $24 per user/month
Boost – $40 per user/month
Enterprise – Custom pricing
Agile CRM
 SMB – focused, Functionality, and Customizability
4.1Free – $0 per user/month Starter – $8.99 per user/month
Regular – $29.99 per user/month
Enterprise – $47.99 per user/month


Integration of G-suite products and Basic Automation4.2Basic – $29 per user/month
Professional – $69 per user/month
Business – $134 per user/month

1. LeadSquared

LeadSquared is a cloud-based sales execution CRM for businesses of all sizes, with an average rating of 4.3 on Capterra, G2, and Gartner.

It provides end-to-end sales, marketing, and onboarding solutions to customers and specializes in tackling sales-related challenges like

Why LeadSquared is a good Pipedrive alternative

LeadSquared offers a lot more features and integrations than Pipedrive. For example, along with sales automation and unlimited reports, The software also provides sales onboarding automation and customer portals.

One of the best features of CRM is its flexibility. Rather than customers trying to adjust their businesses to a traditionally hard-set CRM, LeadSquared does the opposite by molding its solutions according to the need of the customer. As one customer on Gartner put it, “LeadSquared team went miles ahead and helped us by listening to our specific needs.”


LeadSquared, being more feature-extensive, is slightly more expensive than Pipedrive. You can check out their pricing page or refer to the structure below.

  • Lite – $25 per user/month
  • Pro – $50 per user/month
  • Super – $100 per user/month


One of the drawbacks of the CRM platform is that its speeds aren’t up to some people’s standards, and according to Balgopal, a reviewer on G2, it sometimes shows server errors.

Overall, this is a young CRM which is easy to configure and provides excellent customer service. This has led investors like Mr. Jyoti Bansal to invest in this promising company.

2. Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is Salesforce’s sales CRM. While they provide three main features, opportunity management, sales automation, and forecast management, they also provide multiple add-ons for sales engagement, territory planning, etc. Salesforce also provides separate solutions for marketing automation and customer service.

Salesforce CRM

Why Salesforce is a good Pipedrive alternative

One of the biggest advantages of this 4.2-rated CRM is that it is made for companies that are looking to expand. Paired with Service CRM and Marketing Cloud, the CRM can cover all aspects of your business.

Another advantage of the CRM is the fact that it is constantly updating and fixing any bugs that pop up. As one reviewer on Gartner put it, “Salesforce is a very versatile platform that has seen tremendous growth and remarkable expansion due to all the constant updates made to it.


Salesforce has four options for pricing, with the cheapest being available for only 10 users. You can check out their pricing page or refer to the structure below –

  • Essentials – $25 per user/month
  • Professional – $75 per user/month
  • Enterprise – $150 per user/month
  • Unlimited – $300 per user/month


Having so many features can sometimes make CRM extremely difficult to navigate. As one customer on Gartner put it, the CRM can sometimes be “A Real Maze.”

Another disadvantage is that it has a very long learning period. This CRM is unsuitable for businesses that want simple, easy-to-use functionalities and immediate implementation.

While this is a solid CRM, it can be expensive, especially with more features. However, investing in it is undoubtedly an excellent decision if you prioritize integrability with other software. Here are 10 more Salesforce alternatives you should consider before deciding whether this CRM is the right fit for your business.

3. Less Annoying CRM

LACRM is a small business-focused CRM designed to be really simple to use with short learning curves, affordable, and fast. It is a CRM that provides terrific customer service, lead and pipeline management, and reporting at a single, minimal cost.

Less Annoying CRM

Why LACRM is a good Pipedrive alternative

In the few reviews this software has received, LACRM has been rated an average of 4.8 on Capterra and G2.

LACRM is not only cheaper than Pipedrive, but as Kelly B. wrote in her Capterra review, it is “Simple and Pleasant to use, with a shorter learning period than Pipedrive. LACRM also provides unlimited reports, when compared to the 15-report limit on Pipedrive’s primary package.

Another thing this CRM has going for it is its excellent customer service. One customer on G2 even went as far as to write that “Less Annoying CRM has the best customer service.”


Less Annoying CRM has a 30-day free trial, along with a paid package at $15 per user/month. You can view their price page here.


While this CRM is pretty good at handling operations at a fundamental level, however, the little automation it provides, and the basic navigation page of the CRM can make it frustrating and time-consuming to use at times.

Overall, this is a perfect CRM to invest in if you are a company just starting out in the business. However, if you want to scale up, you should probably look at other options.

4. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign excels amongst small and medium businesses (SMBs). In fact, 90% of the CRMs income, according to the Gartner, comes from these small firms. It is simple to use, has a decent level of sales and marketing automation, and helps with email marketing campaigns.

ActiveCampaign CRM

Why ActiveCampaign is a good Pipedrive alternative

Rated 4.6 on G2, Capterra, and Gartner, this CRM offers some features that Pipedrive does not, like lead scoring.

One of the biggest advantages of this CRM is that it is extremely easy to customize your automations and pipelines. As Garrett E. put it on G2, it is “Simple, easy-to-use, and effective!

Another great reason to use ActiveCampaign is that its workflows are easy to make and “visual mappings to these workflows make them simple to understand”, as Colby wrote on G2.


This CRM has three pricing packages and another customizable pricing option for enterprise businesses. You can check out their pricing page or check the structure below:

  • Lite – $29 per user/month
  • Plus – $49 per user/month
  • Professional – $149 per user/month
  • Enterprise – Customizable


While this CRM does provide unlimited reports at all its price points, it has been reviewed to be “painfully slow and not up to enterprise standards.

Another recurring problem that the CRM has is its poor customer support.

As long you aren’t going to run into any problems and don’t need extensive reporting, this is a solid CRM to invest into, especially if you are a small or medium business.

5. Freshsales

Freshsales CRM is a complete sales force automation system. It gives a salesperson everything they require to generate high-quality leads, engage in contextual discussions, close transactions using insights driven by AI, and develop long-lasting client connections.

Freshsales CRM

Why Freshsales is a good Pipedrive alternative

This CRM is highly rated at an average of 4.6 on G2, Capterra, and Gartner. One of the best features, according to Dominic on Capterra, is that it “allows users to create systems of follow-ups with multiple points of contact to the client.”

Another great thing about this CRM is that it is “Affordable And Easy To Implement” according to reviewers on Gartner.


The product features four pricing points overall — a free basic demo package, and three additional packages. For further information, you can visit their pricing page or take a look at the structure below –

  • Free – $0 per user/month
  • Growth – $29 per user/month
  • Pro – $69 per user/month
  • Enterprise – $125 per user/month


One not-so-strong points of this CRM is the fact that their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. As Alejandra put in his review on G2, “Support could be better.”

Another fact is that while this CRM is certainly economical, it lacks some features which are even present in Pipedrive. As a former Piperdrive user Adam pointed out with his on Capterra, “Things I think should be basic (or I used in Pipedrive) just don’t exist or don’t work in Freshsales.”

Overall, this CRM is a really solid choice for small businesses and start-ups especially if you want an economical CRM with easy implementation.

Before choosing this CRM, you might also want to have a look at the 5 best Freshsales alternatives in 2023.

6. EngageBay

For small businesses, expensive CRM software may be out of the question. This is where EngageBay comes in. EngageBay offers affordable all-in-one CRM software (marketing, sales, and customer support) designed specifically for SMBs and startups. 

This versatile CRM software is heavy-laden with features, from omnichannel marketing, drag-and-drop landing page builder, multistep visual workflow tool, sales pipelines, helpdesk, live chat, and much more. 

EngageBay also offers standalone plans for businesses that only need point solutions. 

engagebay crm

Why EngageBay is a good Pipedrive alternative

EngageBay’s all-in-one approach means you get a 360-degree view of your customers. There’s no need for multiple standalone software linked through integrations. 

This five-star rated G2 testimonial summarizes the software as: “EngageBay is the perfect CRM for growing companies!” 

Not to mention, EngageBay is one of the most affordable CRM solutions in the market – making it the best affordable alternative to Pipedrive. 


EngageBay has four plans, including a free-forever plan. You can refer to the tool’s pricing page or check out the structure here:

  • Basic: $12.74/month
  • Growth: $42.49/month
  • Pro: $84.99/month


EngageBay’s integrations library is not as impressive as some of its competitors. But that’s set to change as EngageBay keeps adding more integrations regularly—the most notable being Shopify. 

Another drawback of EngageBay is that it does not offer search marketing. Though it may not be a good choice for larger companies, but EngageBay is the best option for small businesses that need a comprehensive all-in-one CRM that does not break the bank.

7. Monday Sales CRM

Built on top of Monday.com Work OS, Monday’s Sales CRM is a powerful sales solution that helps gather and nurture quality leads all the way through the fulfillment process. It is a highly configurable customer relationship management platform that allows organizing and streamlining all your work and ensuring each client gets the individualized treatment they deserve. The platform helps track leads, centralize your customer database, and manage your sales pipeline for better sales efficiency.


Why Monday Sales CRM is a good Pipedrive alternative

This CRM has been rated an average of 4.6 on G2 and Capterra, and for good reasons too, with one reason being how interactive the CRM is. Rosh R. even went on G2 to say that is “The best tool to enhance your work productivity at work

Another great thing about the CRM is that Monday’s architecture is scalable and adapts to business needs very well. The CRM also has downloadable dashboards and allows users to colour code and organize their workflows.


The CRM offers its features at four different points with a free version as well which supports up to 2 users. You can either refer to the site’s pricing page or the structure here.

  • Individual CRM – $0 per user/month
  • Basic CRM – $10 per user/month
  • Standard CRM – $14 per user/month
  • Pro CRM – $24 per user/month
  • Enterprise CRM – customizable


One of the biggest disadvantages of using this software is that customers can often find themselves struggling with the UI. As Barak put on his G2 review “you must dig into menus and dropdowns to perform simple actions on tables.

Another drawback of this CRM is the lack of duplication checking. This might lead sales reps to call the lead twice or thrice. As a customer wrote on G2, the CRM was “Great in theory, but not so much in practice.

This CRM is a really good CRM for automating your sales force but can prove to be a little glitchy to use at times.

8. Sales Hub

The HubSpot Sales Hub, a component of HubSpot that allows businesses to manage, communicate and track leads.  It enables a company’s sales force to communicate with customers without wasting critical time and resources on repetitive data entry or email authoring.

Hubspot Sales Hub CRM

Why HubSpot Sales Hub is a good Pipedrive alternative

HubSpot is a household name in the CRM sector, with an average rating of 4.5 G2, Capterra, and Gartner. One of the biggest advantages of the CRM is that it is simple to use, and almost anyone can pick it up and use the platform straight away.

Another great aspect of the CRM is that it also provides a bunch of API and tools for developers. This means that if have any people who know how to code on your team, you can create custom tools that’ll help you improve your sales.


While HubSpot Sales Hub provides a lot of features and flexibility, its paid features are a little pricier than others especially at initial prices. You can check out their pricings on their sales page, or refer the structure below –

  • Free – $0 per month
  • Starter – $45 per month
  • Professional – $450 per month
  • Enterprise – $1200 per month


One of the drawbacks of HubSpot is that it needs to improve on its integrations. As Bobby R., a reviewer on G2 put it, “all integrations capabilities are very limited and often one-sided in the way data flows or the way they allow a 3rd party app to push-pull data.”

Some of the other issues of this CRM is the fact that it can sometime feel very cluttered, and the constant updates can lead to frequent bugs in the platform.

Overall, this is a good solid CRM, which updates regularly, simple to use, and a good choice for companies looking to build their own unique solutions for their sales team.

9. Salesmate

Salesmate is an up-and-coming CRM which helps you to deliver personalized experiences across marketing and sales. Its main focus is to replace disjointed systems to save your company time and money. The Sales CRM helps you organize, filter, and manage your leads into one place. It also contains  live chat and call tracking features as well.

Salesmate CRM

Why Salesmate is a good Pipedrive alternative

Although this CRM has garnered just under 150 reviews combined on G2, Gartner, and Capterra, it has been rated 4.6 out of 5.

One of the CRMs strengths is the fact that all the features they offer have no major bugs reported so far. It has been reported to be simple to use, fast to implement, and offers a robust platform.

Another thing the CRM does right is treat its customers with the utmost care. Their customer support has also garnered high praises on Capterra, with one reviewer even stating her three reasons for choosing Salesmate were “(1) Excellent 24/7 Customer Service (2) Excellent 24/7 Customer Service, and …. (3) Excellent 24/7 Customer Service.


The CRM offers 4 different pricing based on the number of features, with the highest package being customizable based on the user’s needs. You can refer their pricing page or the structure below–

  • Starter – $12 per user/month
  • Growth – $24 per user/month
  • Boost – $40 per user/month
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing


One of the most evident reasons to reconsider before investing in this CRM is that it is still a very young and emerging company. This means that they haven’t gained enough experience or track record to know where their strengths and weaknesses lie. As Robert D. put it on Capterra, “This is a newcomer to the market, and we find that they’re working through a few hiccups.”

If credibility isn’t at the top half of your things-to-look-in-a-CRM list, then this is certainly a good choice to bet your money on, especially if you are a small business.

10. Agile CRM

The motto of Agile CRM is to provide a fortune 500 level CRM at small business costs. They are a powerful but simple CRM that focuses on sales and marketing automation. Agile CRM offers contact and deal management, telephony services, project management, and reporting to help sales reps close deals faster.

Agile CRM

Why Agile CRM is a good Pipedrive alternative

With a modest 4.1 rating on G2, Capterra, and Gartner, this CRM has a solid foundation that creates numerous options for fluidity and control of CRM automation benefits.

One of the greatest strengths are the software’s analytics and reporting metrics which, as Kunal C. put it on G2, are “excellent and better than other competitors.

You can also use the CRM for free up to 50,000 customers! This was well received by some of the reviewees like Erik R., who thought that this feature was “pretty amazing.


This CRM is one of the cheaper ones on the list, with its highest pricing just at $47.99. You can refer their pricing page for more information, or refer the structure below for a quick overview –

  • Free – $0 per user/month
  • Starter – $8.99 per user/month
  • Regular – $29.99 per user/month
  • Enterprise – $47.99 per user/month


One of the obvious limitations of Agile is the fact that is built specifically for small businesses and start-ups. This means that if you are looking to scale up, then this might not be a good fit for your company.

Unlike Pipedrive, it doesn’t provide pipeline management. This can prove to be a bad choice especially if your company’s main objective is to track and gain visibility through the various stages of their journey. Lack of pipeline management also translates to inaccurate forecasts and being unable to track team efficiency.

If you are a small company who doesn’t have a well-defined pipeline yet and wants the features of a high-level CRM, then this Pipedrive alternative is a really good choice to invest your revenue in.

11. Copper CRM

Copper CRM, originally known as ProsperWorks CRM, was created expressly for integrating with Google’s suite of cloud products. It fills a void in the CRM industry by offering thorough and precise interaction with the Google Workspace suite of services. This makes it an enticing option for Google workshops companies as it is the only sales automation system recommended by Google.

Copper CRM

Why Copper CRM is a good Pipedrive alternative

With a rating of 4.2 on the three referenced review website, this CRM does what it is built to do – seamlessly integrate your business to G suite. Joshua A., a former Pipedrive user says that he was very pleased with the decision of migrating to Copper, and it is a “Great product, built on the best email provider!

Not only is Copper a stable CRM, but a user on G2 also calls it a “cost-effective solution when compared to other CRMs.


Copper CRM has three plans depending on the number of features you need. You can check their pricing page or refer the structure below for more information.

  • Basic – $29 per user/month
  • Professional – $69 per user/month
  • Business – $134 per user/month


One of the major areas of improvement that the company is working towards fixing is their customer service. Nathan Y., one among the many complaints in this issue, wrote on Capterra, “TERRIBLE customer service and DECEPTIVE cancellation policy.”

Another problem a CRM faces is manually having to enter lead data. This left a sour taste in the mouth of Michael W., who took on Capterra to write “Expensive manual logging CRM which provides no support” in the review.

If you are looking for a CRM to help you integrate and automate Google services, then this CRM is quite a solid choice for consideration. However, if your business does not use Google extensively then this may not suit your services and needs the best.

So, that concludes the top alternatives we picked out for you. I hope this list helps you finalize a CRM for your business. 

Get in touch with our CRM professionals at LeadSquared if you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of a CRM that can help you now with any business difficulties. To learn about the most crucial CRM features and to get a solution that is specifically designed for your company, schedule a demo!


What type of a CRM is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a sales CRM that helps businesses manage their customer relations and sales efficiency through mainly pipeline management. It also provides other features such as sales and email automation, lead management, reports and analytics, etc.

What is the best CRM for small business?

LeadSquared is one of the best CRMs for small businesses, providing far more features than other CRMs at affordable prices. The CRM provides great customer service while being easy to use and implement.  

Is Pipeline CRM same as Pipedrive?

No, Pipeline and Pipedrive are two different CRMs.

Is Pipedrive expensive?

While Pipedrive CRM’s pricing is average when compared to others, CRMs like LeadSquared offer more features at the same cost.

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