Lead generation is not the core expertise of most local businesses and they rely on various offline and online sources to drive business leads and customers. Lead generation websites offers an option to drive new business leads and customers for local businesses.

After discussing about lead generation websites in India, UK, US and South Africa, here we will discuss a few such sites in Australia that local business can register in to generate more leads.

Below mentioned are the top lead generation/listing sites in Australia as per Alexa rankings. Please note, you can also use SEMrush’s Open.Trends to find the list of trending websites within a given market.

Out of this list, here we will discuss the top five classified/lead generation websites in Australia for local businesses.

1. Truelocal

This online business directory is a site for local businesses in Australia where 8.6 million searches are made each month. Searches on this site are precise and location specific. Users can also post their reviews and ratings. This lead generation website is also mobile savvy.

How do you list your business on this site?

1. Since it is one of the largest networks for local businesses in Australia, listing your business on Truelocal is sure an advantage. Listing a business on this site is easy and free. Once you have submitted all your details, activation may take 48 hours, but make sure to fill in all the necessary details like business/product description, images and deals.

2. They also have a wide range of advertising products that you can use to make your business stand out.

3. As a local business, you can post an ad here for free. This will include your business name, address, phone number; listing in one category and postcode and 1 image upload.

4. A ‘Basic’ ad on this site gives you the perfect entry into the world of online advertising. You can add a description and upload up to 10 images, 2 deals and 1 attachment to help customers find you, you can change/add details whenever you like and there will be no competitor advertising on your ad page.

5. ‘Priority’ Listings are a great way to increase visibility of your business. You can add 10 images, 1 video, three deals and three attachments for a better business outlook for your customers.

6. There are several other advertising options like ‘Top of the list’, ‘Premium ad for additional locations’ and ‘Tile Display Ads’ to help you expose your business/product better.

7. Though prices have not been mentioned, you can get your quotes here.

2. Startlocal

This lead generation website and local search engine is for tech savvy shoppers who are looking for great discounts on various stuff. And if you are a business owner, you can advertise on this site and get in front of 20 million targeted customers.

How do you list your business on this site?

1. Listing your business on this site is 100% free and it will include contact and location information with Google maps, businesses specifications, up to four image uploads, up to three PDF documents upload and a link to your website. You can get the details here.

2. However, you can always opt for a paid business plan that will enhance your business profile in front of a group of targeted customers. This ad will appear in a highlighted position above the regular local businesses on a page.

3. Prices of featured ads range from 53 cents per day and higher depending on your targeting options. Though exact rates have not been mentioned, here is an FAQ list to answer your questions.

3. Flyingsolo

The name says it all doesn’t it? This lead generation website is not a classified site per say. It is a community of over 55, 000 solo and micro businesses featuring articles, podcasts and videos from small businesses across Australia.

How do you list your business on this site?

1. You can post your business information here for free. As a free ad member, you will get access to a range of reports covering marketing and PR, small business secrets, productivity tips, how to attract clients and plenty more.

2. You can also become a paid member, known as a community member on this site and enjoy various benefits. Packages begin at $7.95 per month or $89 per month. With a paid ad, you will get full listing on the Flying Solo directory, multiple promotional placements, shout-outs on Social Media sites and keyword backlinks.

3. If you are still not satisfied with the leads that are generated, you can enhance your exposure using their Business class packages that will cost you $299.95 per year. This will include a full page interview of you/business owner across the site, personalized shout-outs on various social media channels, priority listing plus all the benefits of the community membership.

4. As a local/small business you can also brainstorm with other marketers in Flying Solo’s forum.

4. Gumtree

This local classified ads and community site calls itself the local notice board in Australia. It has been designed to help people getting started with accommodation, employment, meeting new people and many more services.

How do you list your business on this site?

1. Posting a basic ad on Gumtree is quick, easy and free. Click on the ‘Post an ad’ button on the homepage to add details like name, location and category to post an ad.

2. To enhance the look and feel of your ad, you can also add pictures by clicking on the ‘Add pictures’ tab within the ‘My Gumtree’ section. You can add up to 6 pictures to your ad when posting ads about flats/houses and up to 3 pictures for any other category.

3. However, for better exposure, a marketer/small business owner can always opt for a paid ad listing under the ‘promote you ad’ tab. Once you have registered yourself/business, click on the ‘My Gumtree’ button to view, edit, promote or delete your ad.

4. Under the ad section, you can either ‘Bump up’, ‘Highlight’ ‘Top’ or ‘Urgent’ your ads. ‘Bump Up’ allows you to push your ad to the first page of results. Top Ads appear in a particular category’s search results for seven days. Highlighted ads stand out from the other ads on the search results due to their darker background colour. Urgent Ads are where the seller indicates with a special icon that he/she wants to sell an item quickly.

5. Rates have not been mentioned and you need to get in touch with them via email or phone to get further details.

5. Bizlistings

This site will give a marketer an opportunity in the market place to carve his own niche. Buyers, sellers and brokers connect with each other in a quick and affordable way to better their business relationship.

How do you list your business on this site?

1. Posting an ad on this site is not free. However, you can advertise/sell your business on this site for as less as $33 for 6 months.

2. If this does not serve your needs, you can always upgrade to a higher denomination package. You can choose from any of the Premium, Professional or Platinum packages to push your listing to the top of search results. (Prices have not been mentioned).

3. Apart from selling/advertising a business on this site, it has a unique service of letting a marketer buy a business. As a marketer, whatever your criteria, you can connect with related businesses and if they suit your needs, you can buy them.

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**Rates are taken from the respective websites at the time of writing this article. For latest pricing and offers please refer to the respective websites.**

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