The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation for Successful Marketers

The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation

The term Marketing automation has been gaining a lot of popularity. Oh, I don’t need in-depth analytics to find that out, this Google Search Trends graph shows me as much:

Marketing Automation Google Trend graph

Please note – the fall in the dotted line is because of incomplete data (not because of fall in searches).

The number of companies implementing it, debating over it and hoping to implement it are also on the rise . Check out this stat from EmailMonday :

Marketing Automation Adoption Stats

Well, the good news is – it’s a great time to be selling a Marketing Automation software (Yaay – LeadSquared!). The number of leads and enquiries we get are steadily on the rise and our ticket size keeps increasing.

However, However; From the kind of enquiries we get, I see that not many people understand what marketing automation is. Is it the same as Drip marketing? What exactly can you automate? Wait, how will it help my business?

Through the definitive guide to marketing automation I shall explain all this, and more. I will also explore different contexts across industries (like Education, Finance and Healthcare – to name a few). Even if you belong to other verticals, you can get a lot of ideas as to how you can use it for your business and see it impact your ROI.

So, why this guide?

I know, there are numerous resources out there. You must have already read a lot of them. This guide is not like those you have read, because:

It is based on our lead enquiries

When our prospects sign up, they write a few lines about why they need a Marketing Automation software. Sometimes, their expectations are wildly mismatched with what a Marketing Automation can achieve. After 2 years of looking through them, I have identified certain recurring questions that I shall address here. If you have some questions about Marketing Automation, chances are that our prospects have already asked them and I shall answer that here.

It gives you ‘plug and play’ use cases

I talk to our customers frequently to understand how they use LeadSquared. I also conduct webinars to help them use it better. During my interactions, I have seen up close how various companies use Marketing Automation, what works for them and what doesn’t. Based on this, I have compiled a series of Marketing Automation use cases for different scenarios. You can derive your own automation workflow from that, or simply copy paste it to your business.

It tells you when not to use Marketing Automation

Let’s face it, you don’t have to jump on the Marketing Automation bandwagon just because the world is using it (or talking about it). So, I have highlighted the checkpoints that tell you when you don’t need an Automation. Trust me, this will save you a lot of money.

And let’s not forget that this guide is written from a layman’s perspective. I was new to MA too you see, and what I know, I have learnt in the past two years. I had the same questions, the same doubts and considerations in my mind, that I am sure you have wondered about as well.  Which is why this guide will help you more.

List of Chapters

  1. What is Marketing Automation – Definition + Infographic
  2. How does Marketing Automation Software increase sales?
  3. Is your business ready for a Marketing Automation Software?
  4. B2B Vs B2C Marketing Automation
  5. How we increased customer engagement with Marketing Automation
  6. Marketing Automation workflows that you can steal

About the Author

I started out as a writer. Over the course of 2 years, I have become a marketer. What’s the difference? Well – as a marketer, I write for a specific target audience and ensure that my content actually adds value to them. For this, my biggest asset is my marketing automation tool. It helps me engage my audience, send them relevant content at the right time and more importantly, makes my life a whole lot easier. What I know about marketing automation, I have learnt through research and by doing! This guide is a my learning from what I have tried, what I have failed and what I have ultimately understood (about marketing automation).

So, shall we begin?

Lakshmi Narayanan Lakshmi Narayanan, Content Marketer LeadSquared
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