Painless List Segmentation

Organize and segment your leads to run targeted email & drip campaigns

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Works Alike for Tiny and Mammoth Marketing Lists

List segmentation by demography

Segment leads by demography

Segment your leads by their demographic profiles to engage them accordingly. Ex: An Event Management firm can dynamically add all New York leads to a list, and send them notifications whenever there’s an upcoming event in New York.

List segmentation by activity

Segment leads by activity

Segment leads by their activities to identify if a lead is a serious buyer (spends 15 minutes on pricing page -> asks for a quote etc.), or is interested only in the awesome freebies you send across (signs up for free DIY home improvement tips), and deal with these leads differently.

List segmentation - Send automatic response

Send emails and SMSs automatically

Now, with demographic and activity-based segmentation, your email and SMS communication becomes smart too. You can automatically send them relevant updates and offers. Ex: Send NY Storytelling Workshop invite to all NY leads who have taken a free Storytelling Course from you.

List segmentation - Add tagging

Tag leads and list for better management

With hundreds of leads in your name, organizing them can be hard. Tag your leads or entire lists to make follow-ups easier and more relevant. You can even “star” your best leads to follow them closely.

List segmentation - Do bulk operations

Do bulk operations with ease

Bulk operations, like changing lead source (or any other lead field), exporting leads etc. are as easy as 2 clicks. Increase your team’s productivity by letting them concentrate on things that matter like nurturing your leads and following up on time.

List segmentation - Custom list actions

Carry out custom list actions

You can make your marketing and sales processes more efficient by using custom list activities. Ex: You can send all the leads in one list to a call center application for automated dialing with just one click.

List engagement index

Find how engaged a list is by looking at its engagement index. You’ll know how well the particular list is responding to your marketing messages. Use it to rate your list quality, and your own nurturing efforts. Get insights on where you need to do better.

List Segmentation - Engagement Index

List Segmentation - Custom Actions

Custom list actions

Set custom actions for all the leads in an entire list – Ex: Send a list to a call center application for automated dialing with just one click.

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