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    SMS templates for healthcare

    10 Ready-to-use SMS Templates for Healthcare  

    Rangan Das

    In the healthcare sector, no-shows are common. Up to 30% of appointments are missed in the United States, costing $150 billion annually.   The simplest solution to reducing patient no-shows is to stay in touch with them through SMS.  In fact, Text message response rates are 209% higher than call response rates. Most texts are read in under fifteen minutes.  Contemporary healthcare […]

    Lead generation chatbots for customer acquisition

    Lead Generation Chatbots for Faster Customer Acquisition 

    Parousia Khan -

    91% of marketers consider lead generation as their most important goal, and 53% of marketers spend at least half of their budget on lead generation, as per Ruler Analytics.  There’s no doubt that quality lead generation is the bread and butter for most marketers, but in today’s competitive world, it’s becoming increasingly difficult.   A typical […]

    Patient outreach SMS templates

    12 Helpful Patient Outreach SMS Templates 

    Rangan Das

    Delivering care and patient experience is directly impacted by the limited time and resources available with healthcare providers. Amidst this, one aspect that gets neglected most often is patient outreach.  Automated text messaging reduces manual work, bridges communication gaps, and identifies patient outreach opportunities.  In this article, we’ll share patient outreach SMS templates you can use for […]

    UGC - user generated content

    What is User Generated Content? Why Use UGC in Your Marketing Strategy

    Rishabh Dev - Digital Marketing Consultant

    UGC or User Generated Content has recently taken over social media and is all over brand pages. And for good reason – when people see content coming from other users, and not just your brand or celebrity influencers, it means you’re doing something right! What is User Generated Content? User generated content is content about […]

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