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The “B2B Email Marketing Best Practices for Lead Generation” webinar was a huge success thanks to the active participation and cooperation of the attendees. For the benefit of those who missed the webinar, this post has covered the most asked questions in the webinar. It also includes a few tips that might help you better your B2B email marketing practices. Here is a summary of the most asked questions in the webinar:

Webinar FAQs

Question 1

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is one of the most used digital marketing practices. It is a marketing process where emails are used to directly market a commercial message or a product to a single person or a group of people. Email marketing is widely used to not only market the product in the initial stages but to also keep leads/customers engaged once they have shown interest in your product or service.

Question 2

Is email marketing still relevant?

Without a doubt, email marketing is still one of the most effective and reliable marketing practices. A recent report published by MarketingCharts.com supports this statement. Take a look at the graph below –

This data is based on the responses of 556 B2B marketing professionals, when they were asked to name their most important digital marketing activity. This data holds true for B2C as well.

Question 3

How can one use email marketing as their prime strategy for lead generation in B2B firms?

The best way to use email marketing as a prime strategy for lead generation in B2B firms is to couple it with other sales and marketing operations, so as to produce the maximum outcome. The best way to optimize your email marketing practice for lead generation is to use it as a support system for the inside-sales team, i.e., the tele-prospecting team. You can also channel it with the marketing team. The marketing team could use email marketing for certain types of offers and other ways of lead nurturing programmes that they run.

Question 4

Where should the CTA link be placed in the body of the email?

A CTA should ideally be placed in the first fold of the email campaign. It is advisable to have it within the first three lines of the email. Also, remember to increase the font size of the CTA – to make it stand out.

b2b email marketing best practices
b2b email marketing best practices

Question 5

What kind of emails should be sent out for maximum lead generation?

Different email campaigns should be sent at different points of time, depending on the lead stage. Use of specifc email campaigns for specific customers, based on their lead stage keeps the customer engaged and is among the top B2B email marketing best practices. Given below are the different types of mails that should be sent to customers of various lead stages:

For Lead Generation:
  • Introduction of your company/service
  • Point Offers
For Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing:
  • Invitation to Webinar/Workshop
  • Download Whitepaper
For Lead Nurturing:
  • Share relevant case study
  • Announcements
  • Newsletters

Question 6

How often should one send a B2B marketing email? Can it be sent every day or once in a week?

We should keep our clients/customers privacy in priority. You can take a decision based on the click rate of the emails. Ideally, once or twice in a week is preferable. Too many mails a week might land you in your customer’s SPAM folder.

Keep these guidelines in mind to generate best results from email campaigns. Given below are a few more tips that would help you boost your email marketing practices.

Tips for B2B Email Marketing Best Practices

  • Creating Offer that you want to sell to prospects through Email
  • Segmenting Targets
  • Drafting messages that capture recipient attention
  • Ensuring High Deliverability
  • Analyzing Email Marketing Performance
  • Lead Tracking and Scoring to differentiate best leads from the rest
  • Lead Nurturing to improve conversion sales

For more information on Email Marketing Best Practices for Lead Generation, read our blog post on 20 Email Marketing Best Practices for Better Campaign Response.

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