How to improve access to healthcare

Africa has just 1.3% of healthcare workers worldwide, yet it bears 25% of the global disease burden. Overburdened healthcare systems are drowning with the increasing patient needs. However, with technology, there is hope on the horizon.

79% of young healthcare professionals see digital health as crucial for improved patient outcomes. The paradigm shift brought by digital health means that medical professionals are no longer confined to the physical boundaries of a room, opening doors to provide quality healthcare regardless of location.

In this enlightening session, our esteemed speakers delve into the transformative potential of digital health solutions. Join them as they explore how these innovations bridge the gap between healthcare services and African communities.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Scaling digital health in resource-limited settings: Challenges and opportunities
  • Bridging urban-rural healthcare divide: How can digital health help?
  • Ensuring equal access to digital health for all
  • Key success factors for sustainable adoption of digital health in Africa


Chantelle Fraser

Chantelle Fraser
Vice President – Africa Sales, LeadSquared

Tom Simba

Tom Simba
Healthcare Consultant, Ex – Nairobi Hospital and AAR Hospital

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