Sales Masterclass-Crushing your Q4 Targets

Each sales team has one goal that they drive towards, growth. With the end of Q3, you need to design your game plan to crush your Q4 targets. This webinar provides you the ammunition to get a head-start towards closing the year with a bang. If you’re in sales and hungry for growth, watch the webinar to learn more!

Key Discussion Points

  1. Managing growth in face of daunting targets
  2. How to manage expectations from management?
  3. Leading a team in high-pressure situations
  4. Ensuring continuous growth at scale

Arjun Mathur
Associate Director, Eruditus

Arjun is always on the lookout to improve existing sales processes and implement innovative solutions. He keeps his eyes on the finer details to ensure a high success rate for the business. He has experience in creating new business lines and helping small teams grow fast.  As an Associate Director at Eruditus Executive Education and through his experience at Upgrad, he has helped his teams power through the most challenging situations and exceed their targets.

Anil Kumar
Director-Sales, LeadSquared

Anil is a highly motivated sales professional with over 12 years of strategic and consultative selling experience. He has several tried and tested selling strategies that encompass managing the entire sales cycle effectively from prospecting the initial contact to sales closer. He can quickly establish rapport, discuss and evaluate client needs, and recommend solutions to best meet customer requirements with his exceptional customer service skills.

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