Zopim Integration - Capture Leads Who Chat with You on Your Website

Capture leads who come in through Zopim chat both online and offline with Zopim integration


Capture all the leads who chat with you through Zopim integration

Zero lead leakage

With the Zopim integration, ensure that leads who use the chat tool on your website are not missed out. Automatically capture them into the LeadSquared.

Quick follow-ups

Capture the interest of the leads, by immediately following up with them through email or chat. This allows you to remain on top of their minds.

Simple lead prioritization

As the conversations are captured, you can assign lead scores, based on their requirements. The leads are prioritized based on these scores, so that the sales team can follow up immediately on hot leads.

Easy lead tracking

Know how the leads are being nurtured by your team. All inbound and outbound emails as well as calls are automatically captured in the tool.

No lead leakage

Capture leads from all sources, including people who talk to you on your website, both online as well as offline with Zopim integration.

No lead leakage

Easy lead tracking

Easy lead tracking

Find out how the leads are being followed up. Know what mails they are getting, as well as what pages they visit on your website.

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