Gmail Integration - Track Sales Emails that you Send to your Prospects

Send emails to your leads from your Gmail inbox using LeadSquared CRM for Gmail

Gmail Integration

Integrate your Gmail account with LeadSquared

 gmail integration crm - track sales email

Connect your inbox

Easily connect your Gmail account with LeadSquared, with Gmail integration. Sync your email contacts, and more with just one click.

 Gmail Integration - Track Sales Emails

Send trackable sales emails from Gmail

Send sales emails from your Gmail to your leads as usual. Our Gmail CRM integration captures each email exchange, both incoming and outgoing as an activity under lead details.

 Gmail Integration

Maintain a consistent quality in emails

Because you can track each email interaction, you can monitor if the salespeople are sticking to the quality standards of your emails. Identify mistakes and inconsistencies and fix them fast.

 Track Emails and Communication - CRM for Gmail

Track delays in responding to prospects

Monitor delays in responding to prospect queries and take corrective measures. This would keep your salespeople on their toes, and make sure you never lose a deal to slow responses.

 CRM for Gmail - Track sales email

See all email exchange in a single view

Just go to the lead details to see the complete email trail between a prospect and a salesperson in LeadSquared CRM for Gmail. Check the responses and take action accordingly.

 CRM for Gmail - Email Analytics

Analyze and improve your mails

Get analytics for all emails that you send out, Know which subject line worked better, what content got you more clicks. Customize your campaigns better using this data.

Track all sales emails

Track sales emails being sent to your prospects and the conversations that are happening between your salespeople and them in LeadSquared with Gmail integration.

Gmail Integration - email tracking - track sales emails

CRM for Gmail - email analytics - open rate

Advanced email analytics

Know how each email is performing with advanced email analytics. Tweak subject lines and content to know which campaign gives you better results and much more with LeadSquared CRM for Gmail.

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