Improve Business Communications with Leadsquared & Super Receptionist

Enable smooth sales communications while providing your sales reps with access to a wide range of valuable data. With this integration you get all the functionalities of a powerful contact center within LeadSquared applications.

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We use Knowlarity telephony which is integrated with LeadSquared system. It ensures real-time tracking of the sales reps, which ultimately has improved our sales efficiency. The lead leakage has reduced and has helped us keep all our leads under one roof. We’re thus able to manage the inquiries better.

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Monitor all inbound and outbound calls 

All the calls made through Super Receptionist account can be easily tracked in LeadSquared with the Lead Activity Stream. 

Monitor all inbound and outbound calls
Use the SR connector to make seamless outbound calls

Use the SR connector to make seamless outbound calls

LeadSquared allows you to make outbound calls, through the Super Receptionist connector. You can initiate a call through one of three places – Manage Leads, Lead Activity Stream, or Lead Details. 

Incoming call popup 

Whenever there is an incoming call from a lead to your Super Receptionist number, it can be shown to your sales agents through a real-time inbound call notification displayed in the form of an Incoming Call Popup. The call is routed to the right agent and can even be customized to add different fields in your LeadSquared account. 

Incoming call popup
Route Calls

Route Calls 

Automatically route calls from existing leads to the correct lead owners within your LeadSquared account. 

LeadSquared + Super Receptionist = Call Management Made Easy

Track incoming calls

Capture incoming calls as leads with their phone numbers directly within your LeadSquared account


The click-to-call feature enables you to easily make outbound calls in real-time at the click of a button

Marketing Automation

Use various triggers to set up highly contextual and personalized communications along different stages of your prospect’s journey. 

Zero code workflows

Utilize Knowlarity’s functionalities in LeadSquared’s zero code automation workflows.

Create leads with phone numbers

Detect phone numbers in different formats and create leads within LeadSquared’s CRM with ease

Create tasks

With every call you make, jot down important notes and create tasks against leads

Customized welcome messages

Greet the caller with a customized welcome message. You can also set an extension that allows callers to speak with the person concerned

Scalable solutions

Scale technology as your business expands. No limitations and no hassles

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What is Knowlarity Super Receptionist?

Super Receptionist by Knowlarity is a virtual assistant auto answering system that is hosted in within a cloud telephony system.

What does Knowlarity do?

Knowlarity is a cloud telephony solution provider that aims at enabling small and large businesses with smart and seamless sales communications. 

What are the benefits of enabling Super Receptionist?

Never busy 

You no longer need to worry about your business calls going unanswered. Even if you miss a call, Super Receptionist ensures that the caller is greeted with an automated welcome message and directed to the right extension. Callers are also given the option to leave a voicemail or even send a fax. 

Works 24/7 

You no longer need customer support agents to work 24X7. Super Receptionist’s automated reception ensures around the clock availability. 

Never lose a lead again 

Super Receptionist offers you a complete list of all your incoming calls. You can easily track which calls were missed and ensure immediate follow-ups. 

Why should you use a built-in dialer?

One of the most important reasons why you should use a built-in dialer is to record all conversations that your sales teams have with your prospective customers. By recording these conversations, you can develop a clear understanding of the challenges your customers are facing and how your agents are resolving these challenges. It also helps you keep track of agent productivity.

How to integrate Knowlarity with CRM?

Integrating Knowlarity  with CRM is fairly easy.  

For example, LeadSquared Sales CRM provides out-of-box integration with Knowlarity Super Receptionist through its Apps Marketplace. All you need to do is activate the plugin and configure the system as per the instructions.  

You can also integrate Knowlarity with LeadSquared CRM through the Super Receptionist panel. Visit our Super Receptionist integration help page to learn the step-by-step process. 

What are the different features of Super Receptionist integration with LeadSquared?

Some of the most prominent features are: 

  • Built in dialer 
  • Click-to-call 
  • Incoming call popup 
  • Call Routing