Zapier Integration – Connect your apps with LeadSquared

Connect all your sales and marketing apps with LeadSquared with Zapier integration

zapier integration cover

Connect all your apps to work seamlessly with each other with our Zapier integration

zapier integration - Capture your Zendesk tickets

Capture your Zendesk tickets

Connect your Zendesk account with LeadSquared using Zapier integration. Automatically capture all the tickets raised by your lead as activities.

zapier CRM integration - Update your lead data

Update your lead data

Sync the data on your Google forms to LeadSquared. All the lead details that you add or remove are updated accordingly.

Zapier integration - Add your subscribers on MailChimp

Add your subscribers on MailChimp

If you are using MailChimp for your email campaigns, you can now record email activities directly onto LeadSquared with Zapier.

Zapier CRM integration - Sync Quickbook invoices

Sync Quickbook invoices

All the invoices that you create for your new and existing customers are captured on LeadSquared with this Zapier CRM integration. You don’t have to manually update the invoice status.

Track meetings on Zoom

Track meetings on Zoom

The meetings that you have with your leads and prospects are captured on LeadSquared as lead activities with Zapier integration

Capture LinkedIn form submissions

Capture LinkedIn form submissions

When a lead generation form is submitted for your LinkedIn ads, the lead details are uploaded on LeadSquared. Using this Zapier integration saves time of exporting leads from LinkedIn and then importing them.

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